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Nail Art: Simple Teal Plaid Nail Design Tutorial

Teal color is not everyone’s favorite. But do you know that this hue suggests confidence and sophistication? So, if you need to boost your confidence and want to look sophisticated, then complete that outfit with your manicure. Try this teal plaid nails design!


Nail Art: Simple Teal Plaid Nails Design Tutorial

Perfectly Pretty Plaid Nails

You don’t have to be a expert to pull off this nail art design by Dazzle Glam Nails. It is so easy! All you need to do is paint your nails with the base colors and make lines, then you now have an elegant mani that completes your getup! Go ahead and check the tutorial below.

What you’ll need:



Step 1 Apply Grey Nail Polish On Thumb and Ring

Apply  a light grey nail polish on your thumb and ring nails.  If this is your first attempt in painting your own nails, then the rule of thumb is to do the 3 strokes.


Step 2 Apply Teal Blue On The Rest Of Nails

For your index, middle and pinky nails, Paint ’em with a teal blue nail polish. Remember, you can apply two coats if necessary.


Step 3 Draw Metallic Gold Lines

Using a thin brush and a metallic gold nail polish, draw one vertical line and horizontal line on your thumb and ring nails.


Step 4 Draw Teal Blue Lines

Using the same thin brush, you outline the gold lines with a teal blue nail polish. As you can see, it brings out the metallic gold color. In case you want to try out other color combinations, you can experiment by pairing up colors to identify which one compliments the other. Check out this site here for you to learn how to mix and match colors.


Step 5 Draw Burgundy Lines

Add one vertical line and one horizontal line using a burgundy nail polish. Will you agree that the burgundy color is a perfect contrast with teal, grey, and metallic gold. It is also expected that your fingers will mess up with your nail polishes, so clean up using a flat nail art brush dipped in a nail polish remover.

Nail Art: Simple Teal Plaid Nail Design Tutorial

Step 6 Apply fast drying top coat

Finish it off by applying a layer of fast drying top coat. A Quick dry top coat gives that smooth and shiny look of your nail polish.


And you’re all done!

See? You can pull off those straight lines with just a brush. You just have to hold your breath. *wink*


Watch the video tutorial below:

You can also use striping tapes if you’re having a hard time to make a straight line. It might appear tedious  but you don’t have to worry if you make a mistake in making those lines. There’s always a nail polish remover to help you out. Keep doing this and you will master this simple design in no time. Have fun!

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