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Yellow Nail Syndrome | What Is It And How To Get Rid Of It

What exactly is yellow nail syndrome? Find out how serious it is and what to do about it here!

When you’re a nail art enthusiast or a professional like me, your nails can get damaged with excessive use of nail polish as well as nail polish remover solutions. They can get brittle, dry or discolored.

Let me help you find out if your nails just need a bit of homemade relief or if you need to have your doctor check you out already.

Yellow Nail Syndrome | What Is It And How To Get Rid Of It

When your nails turn yellowish, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have yellow nail syndrome! However, it could be indicative of a more serious problem. Remember when I talked about the finger nail problems you should not ignore? Having nail discoloration is one of the issues you should be wary about.

I have yet to experience such problem but I have encountered many clients with nail discoloration and I always ask them not to take it for granted because it may lead to a more serious problem.

Find out more about yellow nails below.

What Is Yellow Nail Syndrome?

Yellow nail syndrome (YNS) is a rare sickness associated with lymphedema (a blockage in the lymphatic system). A doctor usually concludes that a patient has yellow nail syndrome when he or she has yellow nails, lymphedema, and respiratory problems.

Yellow Nail Syndrome | What Is It And How To Get Rid Of It

Signs and Symptoms

People with YNS usually have thickened nails with a yellow or yellow–green tinge. Hyper curving of the nails, with the presence of ridges on the bed, and a reduced white crescent, indicate YNS as well. In some cases, they can also be detached from the nail bed (onycholysis).


The Mayo Clinic did not point out any specific cure for the disease. However, it may eventually clear up once the other manifestations associated with it gets treated. According to Nails Mag, lymphedema or the lung problems associated with yellow nail syndrome can be cured with physical therapy, medication or home remedies.

Yellow Nail Syndrome | What Is It And How To Get Rid Of It

Is It Safe To Get A Manicure?

Yes! A patient with yellow nail syndrome can still get their nails done normally. However, it would still depend on the severity of the problem.

If you notice the onset of onycholysis, enhancements should not be added. However, If there are no issues or skin problems other than the yellow nails, you can clean and polish normally. Then again, it’s still better to have a natural manicure to monitor the changes in the nails properly.

Traditional Discoloration

On the other hand, if discoloration occurs due to traditional causes (constant use of nail polish remover), you can try homemade remedies to turn your nails white again.

Some of these remedies include prepping or cleaning your nails properly and using a clear base coat before applying your nail polish. Soaking your nails in lemon juice for 10 – 15 minutes every day will also do the trick. Tea tree oil is also a great natural remedy for traditional yellow nails, which also helps promote nail growth.

Common household items can clear up yellow nails due to excessive use of nail polish removers as well. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, denture cleaning tablets and even toothpaste can be used to whiten nails!

Nevertheless, make sure to detect fingernail problems right away to prevent more serious diseases.

Learn how to whiten and take care of your nails with this video from Homeveda!

Yellow nail syndrome can easily go unnoticed and can cause serious health issues but with proper care and right knowledge you’ll have no problems!

Strengthen your nails by making homemade cuticle oil! Find out how to make your own solution here.

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