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Zebra Nails: Easy Zebra Print Nail Art Tutorial

Do you want to try the zebra print nail art? Animal prints are exciting and fun! If you want to learn how to paint your nails with zebra stripes, then you’ll love this tutorial!


Zebra Nails: Easy Zebra Print Nail Art Tutorial

How-to: Zebra Print Nail Art

You don’t need a fancy nail art kit or go to a salon to get and flaunt flawless nails. Sometimes, you only need the right tools and creativity. In this article, you’ll learn the step-by-step tutorial on the zebra nail art design from Demelza’s World.

You’ll need:

  • Black polish (A-England – Camelot)
  • White polish (Collistar – Blanco French)
  • Topcoat (Deborah Milano Brilliant)
  • Thin Brush

Zebra Nails: Easy Zebra Print Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1

Let’s start by painting your nails with the white polish. Let your nails dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 2

For the stripes, we’ll be using the A-England – Camelot. Put a blob of black polish on a piece of paper and dip your brush in.

Start making the lines on your nails. You can make thin or thicker lines. Draw short, angled lines to imitate the zebra pattern.

Keep loading the thin brush with polish as you draw the rest of the stripes. Once the zebra print is done on the first finger, follow the same technique on the rest of the nails.

Step 3

Let your nails dry completely, and then apply a coat of clear nail polish on top. This will seal the nail art in, and reduce the chances of the color chipping away too early.


Finally, dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover and wipe away any excess nail polish that may have been painted on the skin.


Making the zebra stripes is not that hard, right? If you don’t have a thin brush, you can use a toothpick instead. Now that you have a clear idea of how easy it is to make these prints, you can try to experiment with a variety of nail polish colors.


You can also watch the video tutorial below:

Are you looking for more nail art designs? Check out this link for more tutorials!


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