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You Should Try This Classy Autumn Nail Art Tutorial

Glam up your autumn nail art with this gorgeous negative space design. I was inspired by the NYFW F/W nail art collection I wanted to create my version of it!

The weather’s getting colder and leaves are starting to fall! Get ready for the new season with this gorgeous autumn nail art design!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to bring out the big guns for this tutorial. It’s so simple, you’ll be sporting classy Fall nails with just a few strokes of your favorite fall color nail polish!

You Should Try This Classy Autumn Nail Art Tutorial

Fall nail colors are all about dark colors that scream woman empowerment! This autumn nail art I’ve prepared for you does just that!

Using a dark burgundy shade as a base, let’s glam up your manicure with this awesome autumn nail art design!

What you’ll need for this autumn nail art design:

  • Base Coat
  • Matte Top Coat
  • Nail polish in burgundy or maroon
  • Striping tape
  • Gold nail accents
  • Tweezers


Step 1: Set Up Striping Tape


Prep and buff your nails for a new manicure. Always do this to keep your nails healthy and strong even after constant use of nail polish and remover. When your nails are clean and ready for a new nail art, apply a base coat to keep them protected.

Next, carefully place a striping tape in a diagonal position from your cuticles right down to the edge of your nails. Apply two more tapes in the same manner. Make sure to arrange them in such a way it resembles the sun rays. You may also try out other designs on your other nails.


Step 2: Apply Burgundy Nail Polish

Apply Burgundy Nail Polish | You Should Try This Classy Autumn Nail Art Tutorial

After making sure the tapes are attached properly, apply a coating of the burgundy nail polish. I actually applied two coats of the burgundy polish just to make sure the color is opaque.

If you’re not a fan of the said color, you can use maroon or any dark-tinged polish for this nail art.


Step 3: Peel Off Tape And Attach Gold Accents

Peel Off Tape | You Should Try This Classy Autumn Nail Art Tutorial

Once you’ve got the opacity that you want, peel off the striping tape to create clean lines on your nails. If there are some excess polish on the lines, use an acrylic brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean the areas. Don’t be too wary of creating perfect lines, you’ll see that everything will be nice and pretty once you’re done.

Attach Gold Accents | You Should Try This Classy Autumn Nail Art Tutorial

Attach some gold accessories on some of the open parts of your nail to glam your manicure up.


Step 4: Apply Matte Top Coat

Apply Matte Top Coat | You Should Try This Classy Autumn Nail Art Tutorial

Finally, apply a matte top coat to give your autumn nail art that sleek look! The matte top coat will also help clean any excess burgundy nail polish on your nails.

Now you’ve got gorgeous nails that you can show off this Fall!


Wasn’t that easy? Check out the full tutorial below!

Want more designs for your next manicure? Check out more autumn nail art trends here! You can also visit Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram for more designs you can recreate!

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