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Back To School Nail Art | Fun Crayon Nail Tutorial For Kids

What better way than to give your kids a back to school nail art to make the first weeks back in the classroom memorable! But how will you do that? It’s simple, crayon nail art!

Crayon Nail Design For Your Kid’s Back To School Nail Art

Back to school activities are in full swing. Lunches and school supplies are being planned out by excited mommies, days in advance! But, don’t just stop there. Make your daughter’s first few weeks back as fun and memorable as possible with cute hairstyles and a nail art that she can gush over with her friends. Plus, it’ll totally make you the cool mom, too!

Nude back to school nail design is definitely pretty for high school or college girls. However, your little princess won’t find that very interesting! Children will be more attracted to bright colors, glitters and frilly things. So it’s only natural to turn your little girl’s nails into their favorite crayon shades!

Turn your child’s nails into her favorite colors with a fun back to school nail art like this tutorial. It’s not hard to do. Let me show you how!


What you’ll need for this back to school nail art tutorial:


Step 1: Apply The ‘Paper Wrapping’ Base Color

Apply The ‘Paper Wrapping’ Base Color | Back To School Nail Art | Fun Crayon Nail Tutorial For Kids

After prepping and applying a base coat to your nails, pick out your daughter’s 5 favorite crayon colors in nail polish. Pick out one color and coat your little girl’s fingernail with it. I used yellow nail polish in this tutorial. It’s such a pretty pastel yellow to represent the crayon’s paper wrapper.


Step 2: Stencils For Detailing

When the base color is completely dry, get a hold of your stencils that will serve as a guide for the details of your back-to-school crayon nail art. In this tutorial, I used 2 thin striping tapes with a curved stencil in the middle.


Step 3: Apply Black Paint

To make the crayon more lifelike, you need to put a label on your daughter’s crayon nails. Using a black polish, gently swipe over the stencil that your earlier applied. Make sure not to let the black polish spill over the striping tapes.



Step 4: Remove Stencils

Remove Stencils | Back To School Nail Art | Fun Crayon Nail Tutorial For Kids

Wait until the black paint dries up before removing the stencil. Be cautious when removing the stripes to avoid any bleeding of colors. Once the tapes are peeled off, you’ll finally see how much the design resembles the base of your daughter’s favorite crayon!


Step 5: Apply Topcoat

Apply Topcoat |Back To School Nail Art | Fun Crayon Nail Tutorial For Kids

Never forget the topcoat to lock in the design and keep it on longer! You may need to use a fast drying top coat to keep your daughter from smearing the nail art. If your kid has a lot of energy, she might get too excited and possibly end up smearing the design if the topcoat doesn’t dry up right away.


Look at this super cute finished product!

Finished Product | Back To School Nail Art | Fun Crayon Nail Tutorial For Kids


If you need a full visual of this back to school nail art, check out my video tutorial below!

Wasn’t that super easy? Your daughter will definitely love her back to school crayon nails! And they’re so easy to do! In fact, even adults can wear this design. I know I’ll give it a try one of these days as well.

Have you thought of other cute nail arts you can do for your kids? Please share them with me in the comments section below!


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Back To School Nail Art | Fun Crayon Nail Tutorial For Kids


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