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7 Dainty Black Nail Designs You Should Try

If you’re the type who rocks black nail designs, we have plenty in store for you! Here are seven designs you can try and see what suits you best.

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Black Nail Designs That Goes With Any Season

1. Matte Black Nail Art

If you prefer matte nail design then this one is something you would love. What you’ll like about matte design is its very fashion-forward appearance. However, matte designs doesn’t last very long so you’ll need to have it maintained.

Here are some black matte nail polishes you can choose from:

  • Matte Black Nail Polish, Matte Is Murder
  • We’re All Matte Here topcoat by Lucky 13 Lacquer
  • Beetles Matte Top Coat

2. Glossy Black Nails

Glossy black nail design looks fancy and super sleek. You’ll definitely find this nail design such an amusing type of black.

You can even add glitters or silver polish to lighten it up and if you don’t want it looking as plain. Apply top coat to make it last longer.

Products you’ll need:

  • China Glaze ‘Liquid Leather’
  • Silver Polish Ga-de Vintage Silver (optional)
  • If you’re having a hard time finding GA-DE nail polishes, a nice alternative would be OPI Haven’t The Foggiest

How to do it:

  1. Put the silver polish as base on your fingers.
  2. Next, paint it with the black polish on top.
  3. This is optional but you can also apply designs like decals. Line stickers for design layout will look good with this. Just take note that you should remove the stickers quickly before the black polish starts drying.

3. Black French Manicure

woman hand dark extreme nails | Dainty Black Nail Designs You Should Try

These black nails can either be gel or matte black as long as you achieve that shiny black tip to it. The nails must be sharp to give it a totally different style.

The tips should be shiny black to make it stand out and you can even add design with little details to make it look gorgeous. It’s one that gives you that fierce and mature look so you may want to try it out.

4. Black Gel Nails

manicure on female hands | Dainty Black Nail Designs You Should Try

Black gel-type coats is another favorite for many because it lasts long, making it easy to maintain. The star design really blends well with the black color and adding polish will further improve the quality.

This nail design will blend well with a black and white dress or any outfit with contrasting colors.

Here are some black gel nail products you can try:

  • Elite99 Gel Polish Soak Off Gel Nail Polish UV LED Nail Art Black
  • AIMEILI Soak Off UV LED Gel Nail Polish – Blackpool (007)
  • Vishine Gelpolish Professional Manicure Salon UV LED Soak Off Gel Nail Polish Varnish Color Black(1348)

5. Black Nail Paint on Nail Extensions

hand long artificial manicured nails | Dainty Black Nail Designs You Should Try

Now this one is just drop-dead gorgeous. If you rarely use nail extensions then this design is a good reason to wear it often.

All you need is your preferred fake nails shape and your go-to black nail polish and you should be good to go. This design is perfect for gala nights or major events as it will take you to another level.

With some glossy nail polish and an extension of your choosing, it is relatively easy to duplicate this look.

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6. Black Ombre Nails

Black is a great color to mix and match with so doing it ombre style is absolutely a must-try! You can opt for French ombre style for that clean look, or pair it with bright colors if you wish to flaunt it.

7. Neutral Black

Neutral black nail design is perfect for people who wants to keep it low-key. You can make it a bit shiny as long as its evenly shaped and not that long.

The ideal design for this one is adding a gold stripe near the top of the nail as the neutral black tone will keep it classy. This is an ideal office look and will give off that sophisticated and elegant vibe.

Want to see more stylish black nail designs? Check out this video by Winkgo:

Black nails are everything. It simply goes with whatever you decide to wear and looks super smooth as long as they are cleaned up around the edges.

From black matte to gel nail polish, black will really accentuate your entire get-up. They always look so good with everything and it looks so clean.

Feel free mixing it with different designs since the color looks elegant. If your favorite color is black, by all means, try these amazing designs!

Which of these black nail designs do you like best? Sound off in the comments section below!


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