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10 Glam Toenail Designs Perfect For The Holidays

Having go-to toenail designs for every holiday sure is a fun thing to add to your routine. With that said, check out these toenail designs for the holidays that are easy to do and will surely brighten up your day!

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Glam Toe Nail Designs For The Holidays

1. Valentine’s Day Fever

Valentine’s day could mean date night for many so having your toenails done should be a no-brainer. Don’t stress over what design you should do as simple red and heart designs should do the trick.

But if you’re the meticulous type, the amount of time that has to be spent on this can be a while since you want it to be as fancy-looking as possible. If that’s how you want it, making your toenails glossier is the way to go.

2. Toenail Design For Fall


Who says this season can’t get its own distinct look? For fall toenail design, try using leaf designs to match the season. With regards to color, you can opt for green, beige, or brown.

You can try this look, it has that sophisticated vibes and your friends will definitely ask you how you did it.

3. Halloween-Inspired Nails

Halloween is meant to be super-fun so here’s a very playful design you can try. Each toenail is inspired by classic Halloween themes and is a treat for the eyes because of its assorted colors.

You can try doing pumpkin or spiderweb designs or anything spooky you can think of! Who wouldn’t love this if you post this on social media!

4. Polka Dot Fashion Trend For Spring


Springtime is the time to draw some polka dots, stripes, flowers, small gems, and other small designs in your toenails! It’s not that time-consuming since the design is so simple and a bit practice will only make it look better.

5. Labor Day Colors


Labor day is meant for relaxation for every hard worker like you so feel free to take advantage of that free time to paint your toenails! This holiday’s colors are red, white, or blue so feel free to choose what you like best.

What’s amazing about these colors is they’re versatile and can be experimented with designs of your choosing. Plus, these colors go with other holidays too so you can use it again.

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6. International Women’s Day


What better way to commemorate this day than to paint my toenails in pink! From basic pink to complex design, it is lovely to explore what blends well with the color and cute shapes and characters will fit it perfectly!

You could also use this color which you can make a variety of designs with, so you only have to restock it every couple of years.

7. That Summer Thing


For summer, your toenails should shine as bright as the sun! That goes without saying, use bright and vibrant colors like gold, yellow, and orange among others.

You can also draw designs such as the sun, flowers, and anything that will match the colors you are using. Here’s an example you can try doing at home!

8. Thanksgiving Design


If there’s one thing to look forward to every Thanksgiving, that is spending the day with your family while eating the most delicious turkey.

With that said, how about a turkey-inspired design? You heard that right, bring out that inner quirkiness and explore these unique concepts! So here you go, a turkey-inspired design!

9. Season of Giving


What’s a holiday list without Christmas! For this time of the year, it is ideal to paint your nails with either silver or white color so it will give off that winter vibe.

If you want to take it one step further, you can try painting the snowman, reindeer, or the gingerbread man design. Your friends and family will definitely be impressed once they see this design!

10. St. Patrick’s Day Toenails


What better way to celebrate this holiday than to paint your toenails in green while drawing some four-leaf clovers and leprechaun! This design is so easy to do and you can mix it with some white polka dots to balance the colors out.

I also enjoy watching tutorial videos on YouTube. In fact, here’s one of my favorites courtesy of VN Nails:

Painting toenails is such a fun activity to do alone or with friends. It just seems so soothing and creative, turning toenails into tiny canvases for art. It allows for so much more freedom and creativity.

As the saying goes, “when you look good, you feel good.” Having nicely painted nails can give you that sense of fulfillment whenever you look down and think, “I did that?!” Beauty isn’t defined by how expensive you look. It’s how you find joy in doing the simplest of things like painting your toenails.

Which of these toenail designs will you try the soonest? Tell us in the comment section!


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 21, 2019, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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