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Fall Colors From China Glaze Nail Polish Set Off 90s Nostalgia!

Nineties fashion has recently been making a comeback and it looks like the new fall colors from China Glaze Nail Polish is getting right into the trend!

China Glaze Nail Polish isn’t playing around with their new fall line! Aptly named “Rebel,” the collection is inspired by the “quintessential juxtaposition of the 90s.” Each of the one dozen shades reminds me how much hipster and grunge there was back then. It’s so nostalgic and I love it!

Fall Colors From China Glaze Nail Polish Set Off 90s Nostalgia!

Having grown up and experienced a lot of things in the 90s, this fall line from China Glaze Nail Polish definitely reawakened the rebellious phase I had back then!

Take a trip down memory lane with the China Glaze Nail Polish “Rebel” fall collection below!


1. China Glaze Fresh Prince-ss

Although the name of this China Glaze nail polish is a throwback to Will Smith’s classic series, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” the pink crème shade has a more “Clueless” feel to it. Try 3 coats of this plus a clear top coat on top and you’ll feel more like Cher!

Fall Colors From China Glaze Nail Polish Set Off 90s Nostalgia!

2. China Glaze Dope Taupe

One coat of this shade already covers your nail line pretty well, but adding a second coat brings out the taupe color completely. This definitely has a Fall feel to it.


3. China Glaze Pearl Jammin’

The light lilac shade and pink shimmer on Pearl Jammin’ looks perfect on its own! However, it also looks amazing when used as an overcoat to darker shades.


4. China Glaze Heroine Chic

Heroine Chic has a gunpowder, metallic gray color with red flecks under some light. This definitely is the most grungy amongst all the shades in this collection, reflecting the bling and shimmer of the 90s era.

Fall Colors From China Glaze Nail Polish Set Off 90s Nostalgia!

5. China Glaze Jagged Little Teal

Almost all reviews I’ve read about this shade (and basically the rest of the collection as well) mention how amazing the formula is. It’s so creamy and can give your nails full coverage after just one or two applications. Doesn’t the rich teal tone of this color look amazing?


6. China Glaze Holo At Ya Girl!

This shade can be worn by itself – if you prefer glitters without a base coat. Beautygeeks tried to swatch this with other colors to amazing effects. I might just try to see if it also works with OPI’s Retro Summer collection as base!

The formula’s impeccable but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be as holo-esque as it should be.

Check out Holo At Ya Girl as a topper for Jagged Little Teal:

A photo posted by Tracy (@polishobsessed86) on


7. China Glaze Y’all Red-y For This?

A rich red nail polish with some gold shimmer? I’m definitely red-y for that! Not only is red a weakness of mine, it also looks like a warm blaze on a cold autumn night.


8. China Glaze Purple Fiction

This shade has a rich, dark purple color with a glossy finish that you definitely need to have this Fall. I can just picture Mia wearing Purple Fiction while puffing away on her cigarette!


9. China Glaze Don’t Mesh With Me

Don’t Mesh With Me most likely should be used as topper for your base color. Try it with one of the Rebel shades to make it even more amazing!

Watch this live swatch of it as a topper over black nail polish:

A video posted by Lara (@cucumbercuticles) on


10. China Glaze Teen Spirit

A photo posted by ⚔Kelly (@vampyvarnish) on

This definitely smells like teen spirit! Its dark plum base plus some pretty blue shimmer scream rebellious teenagers everywhere. Kurt Cobain would be proud of this color.


11. China Glaze Blue-Ya!

Blue-Ya looks like a lighter shade of Teen Spirit, with the shimmer flakes emphasized more.  It also becomes completely opaque after just 2 coats!


12. China Glaze Combat Blue-ts

Combat Blue-ts is, by far, my number one in this collection! Its royal blue color gives off a velvety matte finish when it dries. And I really have a thing for beautiful matte polish.

Nevertheless, if you want your manicure to last longer, you can protect it with a clear top coat. It still looks amazing either way!


Check out JessFACE90’s live swatch of the new China Glaze Nail Polish fall collection, Rebel, below!

This China Glaze Nail Polish fall collection will go perfectly with your retro 90s outfit! Wear your favorite jacket around your waist, put on those platform shoes and flash your glittery nail polish this fall!


Have you tried any of these colors from China Glaze? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments section below!

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