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41 Amazing Fruit Nail Art Tutorials You Can DIY

Fruit nail art designs never go out of style! Check out these amazing tutorials that you can do for your next manicure. They’re also great for summer!

41 Cool Fruit Nail Art Tutorials For Your Next Manicure

Fruit nail art designs are so cute and look so delicious! Ranging from the simplest designs to the most complex, I’m always assured that these nail designs can make my outfit look way better!

While watermelons, strawberries, and lemons are the most common designs, there are certainly a lot of other fruits that you can paint on your nails as well! I’ve compiled all the tutorials that you can work on your own nails.

Check out these fruit nail art tutorials that you can try on your own!


1. Mouth-Watering Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial Fun & Easy!Ombre Watermelon | Amazing Fruit Nail Art Tutorials You Can DIY

Watermelons are always a favorite tropical fruit to try during summer. Not only do they look scrumptious, they also smell and taste great! You only need to sponge on gradient colors of red, white and green to create a slice of the juicy fruit on your nails. Use a toothpick to draw black seeds on this delicious watermelon nail art!


2. Easy & Fun Crystal Watermelon Nails (Perfect for Summer!)

If you’re a fan of nail gems, then use a crystal in place of black polish for the seeds on your watermelon nails! This is a more feminine version of the watermelon nail art. To achieve this look, apply a glittery topcoat over the red and white gradient shades. Paste on three glitters near the bottom of the nail to make it sparkle some more.

41 Amazing Fruit Nail Art Tutorials You Can DIY

3. Cute Fruit Nail Art Tutorial: Pineapple Express Edition


Get on the pineapple express with this super cute nail art! Instead of turning your entire nail into a pineapple, draw small versions of the fruit on a white base instead. You don’t have to worry about drawing the little cuties. All you’ll need is a thin striper and a steady hand to achieve the stamped result! 

41 Amazing Fruit Nail Art Tutorials You Can DIY

4. Super Cute Cherry Nail Art Tutorial With Intricate Details

A scoop of ice cream would be incomplete without a juicy cherry on top. If you love these red delights like me, try painting them on your nails! The thin lines of the stem, as well as highlights of the drawing, can be achieved by using toothpick or if you’ve got the equipment, a thin striping brush.

41 Amazing Fruit Nail Art Tutorials You Can DIY

5. DIY Yummy Strawberry Nail Art Design

One of my favorite fruits will have to be strawberries! Dip them in chocolate or cream and I’d be perfect for dessert. To achieve this delicious look, paint on some yellow “eyes” on a red base as well as a red leaf crown near your cuticles. Apply a clear topcoat to keep it shiny before adding a brown block (to represent the chocolate) on the edge of your nails. With the help of a toothpick, draw lines on the brown part to give it that dipped in chocolate look.

6. Juicy Kiwi Fruit Nail Art Design On Short Nails

I’ve always found kiwis fascinating to look at as well as eat. The brown cover contrasts the rich green color inside, thus making it perfect for a manicure design! Plus if you love green hues, then this nail art is perfect for you!

41 Amazing Fruit Nail Art Tutorials You Can DIY

7. You’ll Love This Colorful Pop Art Banana Nail Art Tutorial

Bananas may not look very ideal for a nail art but there are ways to make them interesting! These Andy Warhol-inspired bananas will definitely up your nail art game ten folds! You can create decals of the banana first and just paint them on your nails to create the look. Top off with a matte polish and you’re good to go!


8. Bite Into This Awesome Apple Nail Art Design

While shiny red apples make me drool, split apples can look interesting enough for me to use as a new nail art design. Painting on the apples might need a bit of creativity and dedication, but the ending result really is worth it.


9. Sparkling Grape Nail Art Tutorial You’ll Have To Try

The deep violet colors of grapes would look great on your nails. Add some sparkles and you’ll have elegant nails that seemed to have come out straight from an Italian vineyard. Adding an ombre base and glittery top coat further makes your nails look elegant and sophisticated.

41 Amazing Fruit Nail Art Tutorials You Can DIY

10. Sweet Grapefruit Nails To Enjoy For Any Season

You might think that sporting fruit nail art can get tedious. However, this grapefruit nail is sweet and minimal in design. Paint a half moon on the cuticle side of the nail, then add three small triangles within that half moon.


11. Delicious Avocado Nails You’ll Lick Right Off Your Fingers

You’ll want to have these avocado nails for your next manicure. Draw small avocados on your white polish-clad ring finger. Then partner it with classic French nails for a sophisticated look.


13. 21 Yummy Fruit Nail Art Designs On Instagram To Drool Over

There are several designs to try and recreate! Like the pineapple design earlier, this mango nail art looks like a stamp as well. However, instead of the white base, a rich yellow shade is used here to convey the ripeness of the fruit.


I love raspberries and I love this 3D design as well! The strategically placed bumps on the fruit make the raspberry look like the real thing.

41 Amazing Fruit Nail Art Tutorials You Can DIY

Peaches are usually sweet and smooth. In this design however, it’s fuzzy and cute. the intricate details of the branches and leaves make it even more precious. There are more fruit nail art designs here. Pick out the best one to try out for your next manicure.


14. This 3D Green Apple Fruit Nail Art Will Make You Want To Bite It Off

Thanks to acrylic, we can now create 3D designs that look so realistic you might just be tempted to bite into it. This 3D green apple fruit nail design definitely looks like a miniature version of something you’ll have lying around the kitchen. You might need a bit more skill for this design, but it’s definitely worth the effort!


15. Delicious Dragonfruit Nail Art Tutorial For Your Next Tropical Manicure

Dragonfruits may not look very appealing but they’re amazing subjects to recreate. Instead of using splatter or painting on each dragonfruit seed one by one with a toothpick, use a black and white glitter polish with slightly bigger glitters. Add a 3D bow for a more feminine touch.

41 Amazing Fruit Nail Art Tutorials You Can DIY

16. 4 Refreshing Fruit Nail Designs To Try This Summer

Oranges, pineapples, dragonfruits and watermelons are the four most delicious fruits to eat for summer! You can choose one design or try them all every day if you have the time. Learn how to create these scrumptious desserts with this video.

41 Amazing Fruit Nail Art Tutorials You Can DIY

17. Delicious Bite-Sized Fruit Nail Art Designs To Enjoy Anytime Of The Year

French tips are common, but if you want to shake things up a bit, try drawing on slices of your favorite fruits. Just draw a half moon of whatever color your favorite fruit is on the edge of your nails. Later, fill in the space with details.


18. Have a Sun-sational Summer With These Fruit Nail Art Designs

Can’t think of the best fruit to paint on your nails? How about doing one on each nail? This nail art has a watermelon, a kiwi, a dragonfruit, a lemon and a strawberry! All the juiciest summer fruits out there! It might look like a lot of work, but they’re fairly easy to do.

41 Amazing Fruit Nail Art Tutorials You Can DIY

19. Cool Fruit Punch Nail Art Tutorial Too Easy To Pass Up

Fruit Fimo canes add depth to nail arts! By turning your manicure 3D, they give a simple fruit nail design more character. You can choose from several Fimo fruit designs – lemons, oranges, grapefruits, limes, kiwis, and even apple halves! Paint a bright colored background or add glitter for some fizz and you’re ready for summer!


Learn how to this scrumptious pineapple fruit nail art now! Watch the video below.

There are a lot more fruits that I haven’t had the pleasure of turning into amazing fruit nail art! Do you have a fruit that you want to learn how to turn into a nail art? Let me know in the comments section below!

Don’t just stop at fruit nail art tutorials! Check out this food nail art featuring a delicious looking pumpkin pie next!

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