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Color Changing Nail Polish | You Have To Get This Now

Ever wanted two different manicures at once? If you’ve ever wished that you could get two different polishes on the same fingers at once, then you should definitely check out this new, cool trend in the nail art world! This new color changing nail polish trend is just the right thing to experience some amazing looks!

Get Your Color Changing Nail Polish Now

I love experimenting on my nail art designs. Whenever I discover fresh looks, I immediately try to recreate them or tweak them a bit for my own nails! But I never thought I’d get to enjoy two different shades on my nails at the same time! Color changing nail polish blew my mind!

You practically get two different shades from just one polish. They can change depending on your mood, on the temperature and even with the shade of the sun! Doesn’t having a nail polish that can keep up with your ever-changing fashion styles, makeup and accessories sound so amazing?

You have to get this now!


1. Awesome Color Changing

With a color changing nail polish on, you won’t need to wear a mood ring or bracelet. This awesome formula switches from one color to another depending on your body heat. It also detects external temperature and promptly changes colors when you frolic under the sun or when you run your hands under some cold water.


2. Fun To Watch

I’ve always loved unconventional designs and this color changing nail polish is definitely not ordinary. With a formula that changes colors when subjected to heat or UV light, it’s fun to watch your polish change from blue to white and vice versa. Even your friends will love this trick, too!

Like those glow in the dark polishes, I can use this as a base or as part of a nail art design sure to surprise all your friends!


3. No Breaking the Bank

While some polishes can easily make you bankrupt, color changing nail polishes are quite affordable. You can definitely start building your own collection without having to break the bank. You can get your first bottle at less than $10! If you want it in the gel formula, then you’d have to shell out a bit more. But it’s totally worth it!


4. All Kinds Of Formula

Metallic? Glitters? Funfetti? Gel? Acrylic? There are all kinds of color changing nail polish formula! If you want to try it out in a traditional sense, there’s a cream formula. There also all kinds of glittery and sparkly kinds for those who want a little more spice in their lives. If you want your cool manicure to stay longer, then there’s the gel kind!

You can also get thermal powders that change color at a certain temperature. Mix it with a clear top coat you can make your own color changing nail polish!


Learn how to hide a secret message on your nails with a DIY color changing nail polish from Janelle Estep.

Curious yet? Get yourself some color changing nail polish and have fun watching them switch from a dark to light shade and vice versa with just the sunlight or a cool breeze. I’m sure you and your friends will enjoy this new nail art trend! Let me know how you liked this new trend in the comments section below!

Check out this super cute black choker with gold pendant I found from Mason & Ivy!


Interested in gel nail art? Make your own gel nails at home with this awesome tutorial!

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