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11 Cute Cartoon Nails You Can Do With Your Kids This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and these cartoon nails will definitely give your outfit the finishing touches it needs! You can also enjoy painting them on your kids or little sisters’ nails as well!

Cute Cartoon Nails Kids Will Surely Love

The turkey dinner, the wonderful autumn leaves, and the perfect cool weather all add up to a promising Thanksgiving this year. Aside from wearing your best outfits you will definitely enjoy getting ready for the special dinner with the kiddos! They’ll love sporting some super cute cartoon nails to show off during Thanksgiving dinner! Cartoon nails are really adorable, and kids (as well as kids at heart) will definitely love them! Don’t you just love dressing up Minions for the various holidays?


1. Snoopy’s Ready For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn’t only about the food and get-togethers. It’s also to commemorate the time Pilgrims and Puritans shared their blessings and offered peace to Native Americans. This cute nail art of Snoopy in a Pilgrim’s outfit is accompanied by some cartoon Aztec designs to give it that historical feel.


2. It’s A Minion Thanksgiving

You can dress a Minion in practically anything and turn them into Thanksgiving creatures. It’s one of my favorite things to do as a nail art enthusiast. Aren’t these yellow creatures adorable? Want the classic ones on your nails? Check out this tutorial!


3. Cartoon Turkey

Here’s the star of the Thanksgiving dinner in all of its cartoon glory! Turning them into cartoons makes them look cute and cuddly.


4. Charlie Brown And Friends

You can never get too many versions of Charlie Brown and Snoopy in different holidays. Here’s one nail art of the gang looking ready for Thanksgiving dinner!


5. More Minions Celebrating Thanksgiving

And apparently, you can’t get enough of Minions dressed up for Thanksgiving as well! This one’s an even wackier version, though.


6. Turkey And Autumn Leaves

Aside from the turkey, Autumn leaves also play a huge role during Thanksgiving. Seeing the leaves turn and start to fall is the biggest sign that the holiday’s arriving.


7. Cooked Turkey

This one features the Turkey that’s actually cooked already! Now this one, a lot of people will appreciate – nail art enthusiast or not! Check out this food nail art as well.


8. Gobbler Nails

Pay tribute to the gobbler you’re going to gobble up this Thanksgiving with this adorable cartoon turkey nails! It’s also really cute that they look startled in the design.


9. Scarecrow Nails

Another sign of Thanksgiving looming near are pumpkins and scarecrows! Your Fall season can never be perfect without these staples. Although scarecrows need to be scary, this cartoon version is just too cute for me to be afraid of it. Don’t you think?


10. Minion Scarecrows

These Minion scarecrows aren’t intimidating either! These Pixar babies are just too cute to ignore and dismiss.


11. Turkeys And Pumpkins

Here’s a turkey-pumpkin nail design for you to enjoy. Now this one has all the elements of a perfect Autumn day on your nails!


Learn how to make this easy Thanksgiving turkey nails from Jenny Claire Fox:

Aren’t these cartoon nails cute? You can even wear matching nail with your little girl this year! As I’ve shared earlier, I might just go with the Charlie Brown and Friends one because it shows the essence of the occasion. Besides, which kid doesn’t love Snoopy? Tell me which one you’d like to try this Thanksgiving in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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