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Pastel Marble Nail Art Tutorial | Super Easy Chic Design

Marble nail art designs are super pretty but they can also be messy to do! Here’s an easy, no-water tutorial you should try!
Do you love having pretty swirls of colors on your hand but hate getting them all over your fingers? There are several ways of having marble nail art without having to use water. You can use cotton swabs, dipping tools, toothpicks or some fine liner brushes to create different kinds of marble design.

You can also use different kinds of polish, depending on the trending colors every season!

Pastel Marble Nail Art Tutorial | Super Easy Chic Design

This marble nail art tutorial I’m going to teach you today isn’t just super easy, it’s also less messy! Not only that, we’ll also be using pastel colors! Perfect for this Fall!

You don’t have to limit yourself to the usual methods of marble nail art making! I personally prefer not getting polish on my fingernails. The cleaning process is just so tedious afterward. This time, you’ll only need your polishes and a plastic wrap to do the trick!  Plus, it takes almost no time at all for cleanup!


What you’ll need for this pastel marble nail art tutorial:


Step 1: Prepare White Base Color

Prepare White Base Color | Pastel Marble Nail Art Tutorial | Super Easy Chic Design

After prepping your nails properly, apply a base coat to protect your nails from the chemicals in nail polishes. Paint your nails a snow white base. This will emphasize your marble design later on.

Let it dry completely before starting on your waterless marble nail art.


Step 2: Start With Purple Droplets

Start With Purple Droplets | Pastel Marble Nail Art Tutorial | Super Easy Chic Design

Lay your finger on a plastic wrap that’s been spread out. Starting with the purple pastel polish, put droplets randomly on your nails but do not let it dry out.


Step 3: Add In Pink Droplets

Add In Pink Droplets | Pastel Marble Nail Art Tutorial | Super Easy Chic Design

While the purple droplets are still wet, add some pink dots as well. Don’t worry about overlapping them. They’ll get mixed in together later on.


Step 4: Continue With Blue Droplets

Continue With Blue Droplets | Pastel Marble Nail Art Tutorial | Super Easy Chic Design

Add one more color – the blue polish – on your nail and you’re good to go! Again, don’t be scared of overlapping the dots. This won’t matter when we start marbling later on.


Step 5: Start Marbling With The Plastic Wrap


Remember the plastic wrap that you put your finger on, that’s what we’re going to use for marbling!

While the dots are still wet, press the plastic wrap on your finger. This action should create a swirling effect on your nail similar to the design you would have made had you dipped your nail in water.

The plastic wrap will mix all of the colors together, thereby creating a marbling effect.


Step 6: Topcoat Makes Everything Better


To keep your design intact, apply a topcoat to your newly created marble nail art design! This will also help to make your design last longer.


Check out the video tutorial below and enjoy recreating this wonderful pastel marble nail art design!

Wasn’t that super easy to do? You only had to do little clean up afterward and the entire process takes practically seconds to do! Do you prefer this type of marble nail art or are you more inclined to do water marbling even with the mess? Tell me in the comments section below!

If you want to learn how to do water marbling, check out this tutorial!

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