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Tutorial | Try This Fun DIY Sparkly Galaxy Nails

There has been a trend for galaxy makeup and nail artists are not one to get left behind because there’s a hype for sparkly galaxy nails already!

You can now have a combo makeup and nail art with this amazing DIY sparkly galaxy nails. This cute nail art tutorial from Winnie Yap will teach how to recreate an out of this world galaxy nails fun and easy.

Tutorial | Try This Fun DIY Sparkly Galaxy Nails

Flaunt your artsy and creative side by doing this DIY galaxy nails. Are you excited, coz I am! Let’s do this and have some fun with our nails.

For the galaxy nails, you’ll need:

  • Nail File
  • 36 Watt UV Lamp
  • Nail Polish Brush
  • Gel Base Coat
  • Gel Top Coat
  • Glittery Color UV Gel (Blue, Lavender, Pink)
  • Zodiac Nail Art Water Decals
  • Picking Clip
  • Gold Beads
  • Diamond Gems
  • Spare Gems
  • Cotton Pad
  • Sally Hansen Extra Strength Nail Polish Remover
  • Lavender Cuticle Oil

Tutorial | Try This Fun DIY Sparkly Galaxy Nails

Step 1. File

File your nails to proportionate and shape them.

Step 2. Apply Base Coat

Once your nails are filed very well, apply base coat on all your nails in both hands.

Step 3. Dry Using UV Lamp

After you’ve applied the base coat on all of your fingernails, let them dry under the UV lamp. Using a 36 Watt UV Lamp makes your fingernails dry faster.

Tutorial | Try This Fun DIY Sparkly Galaxy Nails

Step 4. Polish

Once your nails are all dried out, start applying the color UV gel onto your nails. Start with the blue one, then mix it up with the lavender and the pink color UV gels.

Step 5. Cutout Your Chosen Decal

Grab your zodiac nail art water decals and cut them out piece by piece. It has all of the zodiac’s signs and symbols so you need to have them cut out per sign and symbol.

Tutorial | Try This Fun DIY Sparkly Galaxy Nails

Step 6. Apply the zodiac decals on your nails

Carefully apply them onto your nails (pointing, middle, and pinky fingernails) using a picking clip. Adjust the water decals to avoid connecting one sign with the other. Repeat this step on all your nails.

Step 7. Apply The Gems

Once you’re done adhering the water decals, you can now apply the tiny golden beads onto your ring fingernail. You can arrange them in whatever way you want to. Proceed with the diamonds, and then adhere the spare gem onto your thumb fingernail.

Step 8. Clean The Stains

Using the nail polish remover and the cotton pad, remove the stains left on your skin surrounding your nails. (Keep your application light to avoid removing the gems)

Tutorial | Try This Fun DIY Sparkly Galaxy Nails

Step 9. Apply Top Coat

When your nails already look clean, you may now apply the top coat. This will ensure your nail art will last longer!

Step 10. Apply Cuticle Oil

Last but absolutely not the least, apply the cuticle oil onto your nails to keep your skin moisturized and shining!

Tutorial | Try This Fun DIY Sparkly Galaxy Nails

Now let’s take a moment and enjoy the finished product:

And you’re done!! Wasn’t that fun and super easy? I bet you enjoyed this galaxy nails tutorial!

Here’s the full video by Winnie Yap. Watch it below:

I’m sure you had some serious fun with this tutorial! I’d love to see how you recreated the galaxy nails, please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more cool nail art tutorials.

Don’t settle on just having the galaxy on your nails. Have it on your walls too! Try this Galaxy-Inspired Wall Decor from our sister site Horoscope Daily!

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