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20 Jon Snow Approved Game Of Thrones Nail Designs

It’s only been over a week since we found out that Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow was declared King of the North. Celebrate it with these awesome GOT-inspired nail art designs! The newly crowned royal will definitely think you know everything!

20 Jon Snow Approved Game Of Thrones Nail Designs

Nail art designs approved by the King of the North!

All the theories about Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow seemed to have been confirmed in the HBO series’ season 6 finale. He was even declared the King of the North despite his mysterious background!

That epic season finale deserves to be celebrated – from Cersei’s descent to madness to the big reveal about Lyanna Stark and her baby! Keep the hype up with these amazing Game of Thrones nail art that will definitely get Jon Snow’s approval.


1. 3D Dragon Scales

Dragon-inspired nails are a favorite among the show’s fandom. This design, however, takes things a step further by embedding the scales on the nail itself! Find out how to recreate it here.

20 Jon Snow Approved Game Of Thrones Nail Designs

2. Dragon Egg Nails to Impress Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow

Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow isn’t the only popular character in the series! Daenarys Targaryen has definitely earned her fame alongside her three unruly dragons. Here’s a design inspired by her three children! Learn how to turn your nails into dragon hides with this tutorial.


3. Glittery Game of Thrones Nail Art

This design will make even the non-fans figure out which fandom you belong to! Who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire them to get hooked on the show as well!

20 Jon Snow Approved Game Of Thrones Nail Designs

4. Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow and House Stark Nail Art

With Sansa finally reunited with Jon, and Arya finally arriving in Westeros, it seems like a Stark reunion is due next season! Wear House Stark on your nails with this cool design!


5. House Targaryen Nail Art

Support House Targaryen with these awesome nails by Petite Peinture!

20 Jon Snow Approved Game Of Thrones Nail Designs

6. House Lannister Nail Art

Love them or hate them but the Lannisters have definitely made the series much more interesting. Show your love for Cersei, Jamie, and Tyrion’s house with this other design from Petite Peinture!


7. House Martell Nail Art

Another fan favorite in Game Of Thrones is Oberyn Martell, who was tragically killed off in the most brutal fashion after just one season. Now it seems like his daughters will be taking their revenge on the Lannisters next season! Here’s a nail art design honoring the Sandsnakes!

20 Jon Snow Approved Game Of Thrones Nail Designs

8. House Tyrell Nail Art

Margaery Tyrell looks like she would be a big fan of nail arts if it had existed in Westeros! If it did, this House Tyrell design could have been found on her fingers!


9. Sigils Including Game of Thrones Jon Snow’s House

House Stark? House Lannister? Can’t decide which family to support? Then this Game of Thrones nail art using all the house sigils is the best way to go for you! Check out this hand-painted version by Polished Elegance!

20 Jon Snow Approved Game Of Thrones Nail Designs

10. Hodor’s Last Words

Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow may have had a giant of his own in Wun Wun but Bran’s protector, Hodor, stole the show with his self-sacrifice. Show your love for the gentle giant with this Hodor quote-inspired nail design!


11. Mad Queen Cersei Nail Art

Cersei Lannister’s descent into madness was just one of many jaw-dropping moments in season 6. While some people find what she did to the Sept revolting, it can’t be denied that the newly named Queen is a fascinating character! This nail art from The Polished Pinup paid homage to Cersei, using the stunning dress she wore during the finale.

20 Jon Snow Approved Game Of Thrones Nail Designs

12. Daenarys’ Dress-Inspired Nail Art

This design from ESP nails also got inspiration from a dress. This time, it’s from the Queen across the Narrow Sea.

Seeing as he’s one-half Targaryen, using a simple stamp of the house’s sigil with Dany’s teal dress in the background will definitely get Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow nodding his bob of curls in approval.


13. Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow and Ghost Hand-Painted Nails

In Game of Thrones, Jon Snow’s direwolf Ghost is probably the most favorite animal. People have come to expect Ghost to be there every time the newly-crowned King of the North appears in a scene. That’s probably why nails_galore_x_ hand-painted this incredible design of the twosome!

20 Jon Snow Approved Game Of Thrones Nail Designs

14. Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow and Ghost Part 2

Here’s another handpainted nail art using acrylic paint which features Jon Snow and his direwolf Ghost from Starry Nail. Interested in trying this design out? Here’s a video tutorial that you can follow.


15. White Walker Eyes

We finally got to see how the White Walkers were created this season! Will Game of Thrones bring Jon Snow and the Night King together in another epic fight next year?

Here’s a remarkable nail art from Sloppy Swatches of the inhuman villain’s eyes.

20 Jon Snow Approved Game Of Thrones Nail Designs

16. White Walkers in the Snow

Here is Dark Arts and Craft’s take on Westeros’ biggest supernatural threat! The glitter base gives the design a snowy feel, exactly like how an encounter with the White Walkers and Wights would be like!


17. Weirwood Hand-Painted Nail Art

Another hand-painted Game of Thrones nail art from Starry Nail puts a crying Weirwood is in the spotlight. Check out the tutorial here.

20 Jon Snow Approved Game Of Thrones Nail Designs

18. Three-Eyed Raven Hand-Painted Nail Art

Of course, we can’t have a Weirwood design without the Three-Eyed Raven. He may have been killed by the Night King but his knowledge has already been passed on to Bran. Instagram user chrissynailart paid homage to the mysterious character with this awesome hand-painted design!


19. Night’s Watch Crows

This other design by chrissynailart – which was inspired by poisonappleprintshop’s art– will definitely catch Game of Thrones Jon Snow’s attention because of its reference to when a crow ends his duty as a Night’s Watch. Having been betrayed by his own men, however, it’s still unclear whether this particular design will make him nostalgic or traumatized.

20 Jon Snow Approved Game Of Thrones Nail Designs

20. Hand-Painted Dany and Her Dragons

Jon Snow will most likely be in awe of this masterpiece from Starry Nail.  The nail art, which shows a full-bodied Daenarys and her dragons along with the words of her house (and apparently Jon’s as well), is set in a fiery background using shades of the Targaryens’ purple eyes.

Check out the tutorial here.


Excited for Daenarys’ explosive return to Westeros next season? Follow this dragon eggs nail art tutorial by JofoKitty!

Any one of these nails will definitely get an approval from Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow! Which one do you love the most?


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