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DIY Nail Polish Storage | Organize Your Nail Art Design Supplies

Are you one of those nail enthusiasts that is looking for DIY ideas to store your supplies neatly? Is your “OC-ness” mode on that you to clear your vanity table from all your nail polishes? Worry no more because we have this solution for you from DoubleJErkLove. This DIY wood nail polish rack is very easy to assemble.

DIY Nail Polish Storage | Organize Your Nail Art Design Supplies

Quick & Easy-to-Make Organizer For Every Nail Art Enthusiast

Having a rack to tuck away your nail art supplies is important. It will help you organize your stuff in one place to avoid the clutter in your own room. Aside from that, mounting a rack on your wall, where you will keep your nail polishes neatly, can also add an aesthetic touch because of the dainty design. All you need to do is buy the materials and assemble them. Just follow the easy steps here in this tutorial, So let’s start!

Things you will need:

  • wood for the shelves: Whitewood 1″ x 2″ x 8′
  • backboard (enough to cover the back of the shelf): 5.2mm 2″ x 4″ Lauan Plywood
  • drill screws – Wood 6 x 1 1/2″ Flat Philips
  • wire Nails – 16 gauge x 1 1/4″
  • yard stick
  • drill or hammer
  • ruler
  • sanding sponge or sanding paper
  • wood filler
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • spray paint in Crystal Clear Gloss and primer
  • sawtooth hangers
  • pencil or sharpee

Note: Make sure that you have enough space where you can prepare all the things you need and make your rack.

Step 1: Measure the wood

Use a pencil and a yard stick to draw a rough guide at the back of the plywood. Then, take the wood that you will use for the shelves to measure the outline of your shelf on top and each side. Measure 4 inches up from the outline to have the distance between each shelf.

DIY Nail Polish Storage | Organize Your Nail Art Design Supplies

Step 2. Draw the measurement

Draw the outline for the next shelf. Repeat until you make 8 shelves (or as many shelves as you want).

Step 3: Cut the wood

Cut the whitewood into pieces for the shelves. Take note of the following measurement: 8 (22 1/4) for the shelves and 2 (34 1/8) for the sideboards.

DIY Nail Polish Storage | Organize Your Nail Art Design Supplies

Step 4. Polish and Mark the Cut Wood

Sand down all the rough edges of the woods before assembling them. Mark your side panels and make sure it’s straight and balanced.

Step 5. Drill and Secure Side Pieces

Use hand drill to secure the side pieces and shelves with screws. Once down, cover the holes that were made from the drill with a wood filler and wait for it to dry. Then, sand down again (in one direction) to have smooth edges.

Step 6: Paint and Spray

Paint time! Use a primer before putting on some paints and let it dry. After which, use a spray paint clear gloss to add some shine.

*Note: You can choose whatever color of paint that you want to use for your shelf.

Step 6: Attach Backboard

First, Lay the backboard facing down onto the shelf. Second, marked the areas where you’re going to put on the nails to make sure it won’t intersect the nails at the shelf. Last, secure the backboard and shelf with nails and hammer.

DIY Nail Polish Storage | Organize Your Nail Art Design Supplies

Step 7. Attach Tooth Hangers

Measure 5 inches at both sides from the top of the shelf where you will place the tooth hangers so you can hang the shelf on your wall.

“You can tell a lot from a person’s nails. When a life starts to unravel, they’re among the first to go.”
― Ian McEwan, Saturday

Tip: If the tooth hanger got stuck up on the backboard, simply use a screwdriver and tap it with a hammer. Check the photo below.

Quick Trivia: Did you know that your nail grows 1/10 of an inch each month?

And there you have it! Your personalize DIY nail polish rack!

You have the option to use ready-to-use wallpapers as a background of your DIY Wood Nail Polish Rack. You can customize and add your personal touch in this fascinating display rack.

You can watch the full tutorial below:

It’s important to find ways to keep your products in order and this is just one way to be creative, organized and just plain stylish. Now, you don’t have to dig in a pile of your nail polishes since it’s now arranged and easily accessible.

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