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Fall Colors From Essie Nail Polish Capture Japanese Autumn

Say Konichiwa to the new fall colors from Essie nail polish!

The third installment in our fall colors series is taking quite a different route. While China Glaze and OPI’s fall collections went for dark colors that scream power and angst, Essie nail polish opted to get inspiration from Japan’s foliage and vibrant energy for its new collection.

The six pastel shades for autumn is said to be reflected from the country’s “changing fall foliage” as well as the “tastes and energy of Tokyo.”

Fall Colors From Essie Nail Polish Capture Japanese Autumn

With descriptions like “flirtatious orange rust” and “mysterious stony blue,” these fall colors from Essie nail polish are sure to make your manicure time quite interesting! Are you excited, because I am! I love Japan because of its rich culture so when I learned that Essie nail polish will be featuring the land of the rising sun, I almost fell off my seat. Exaggeration aside, I’m really psyched about Essie’s fall collection.

Check out the collection below and let me know which one you love the best.


Playing Koi

Described as a “flirtatious orange crust,” this shade reminds me of those beautiful koi fish in Japanese ponds. On the other hand, it also looks like falling leaves that litter and color the streets during autumn.

Fall Colors From Essie Nail Polish Capture Japanese Autumn

Maki Me Happy

The first of the food-based names in this collection, Maki Me Happy indeed makes me happy. Its crimson shade is just perfectly dark with a hint of sultry.

Fall Colors From Essie Nail Polish Capture Japanese Autumn


The plum color for Kimono-Over is so strikingly pretty! This color can definitely be seen on intricate kimonos Japanese women wear on special occasions.


Now And Zen

Essie nail polish described this color as “timeless.” Indeed, gray is a color that transcends time and trends. I can definitely use this color as a base for my future nail art designs.

Fall Colors From Essie Nail Polish Capture Japanese Autumn

Udon Know Me

This “mysterious stony blue” almost looks the same as Now and Zen with its gray undertone. However, the blue tinge comes out enough to give this shade a cool look and feel. This reminds me of cold but pleasant mornings during Fall.

Rock your chic nail polish with this vintage ring accessory!

Vintage Ring Mason & Ivy


Go Go Geisha

This is such a pretty nude shade! Although Go Go Geisha looks like a pale pastel pink on the bottle, when applied, the polish becomes a dusky pink nude.

Aren’t the new Essie nail polish shades so pretty? I can’t wait to use Udon Know Me on my next manicure!

Meanwhile, see how Chroma Nails used Go Go Geisha, Udon Know Me and Kimono-Over to create a wonderful nail art!

A photo posted by Jennifer Dye (@chroma_nails) on

Check out this live swatch from Harli G of the new fall collection from Essie nail polish!

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You can also get new nail art ideas from my Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook!


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