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Fleury Rose Nails & Her Whimsical Designs

How did Fleury Rose, a visual artist, become a reputable celebrity and magazine nail artist? Find out what makes the nail stylist sought-after by the likes of Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, and more!

Fleury Rose Extraordinary Works Of Art

What happens when a visual artist slash painter turns into a nail artist? The creation of beautiful works of art. Fleury Rose, a painter-turned-nail artist, paints extraordinary designs on small canvasses. She uses real paint brushes to apply lacquer to her clients’ nails. When I say she creates whimsical masterpieces on nails, I mean amazing and intricate designs

1. Cool Valentine’s Fleury Rose Nails

When I saw this design by Fleury Rose, I was amazed. Moreover, it looks so simple yet bold. She uses her imagination, art skills, and fashion sense to create cool designs like this. As a result, a masterpiece just perfect for Valentine’s day!

Fleury Rose Nails & Her Whimsical Designs

2. Fruit Nails

Look at how polished her work is! It’s like it was printed on the nails. Thus, this fruit nail art design is perfect for summer.

Fleury Rose Nails & Her Whimsical Designs

3. Elegant Black Nails With 3D Crystals

Fleury Rose can make nails look elegant, magical and dreamlike with her artistic talent. This black with 3D crystals design is one of the best I’ve seen so far.

Fleury Rose Nails & Her Whimsical Designs

4. Sailor Jerry-Inspired Nails

Have you seen tattoo-inspired nail art? Well, this one’s Fleury Rose’s take on Sailor Jerry-inspired nails! Sailor Jerry is a tattoo artist who creates sailor-inspired designs.

Fleury Rose Nails & Her Whimsical Designs

5. Philipp Plein International-Inspired Nails

Fleury Rose is popular for her extraordinary taste in fashion and this shows in her nail art designs. This one’s a Philipp Plein International-inspired – bold, colorful and unique!

6. Little-Pony Nail Art

Who doesn’t love the Little Pony? Here is a cute nail art created by Fleury Rose with the use of acrylic – which was her art medium even before she ventured into nail art designs.

Fleury Rose Nails & Her Whimsical Designs

7. Abstract Nail Art

As an artist, she has created abstract nail art designs too. This one’s simple yet eye-catching because of the colors she used.

8. Animal Print Nail Design

Fleury Rose has the gifted hands to create astounding animal print designs on nails. This one looks sophisticated. Here’s another one on colorful hues.

9. Lace Nails

Lace nails are so in right now and Fleury Rose has her own version and it’s amazing. Look at how perfect these patterns are.

Fleury Rose Nails & Her Whimsical Designs

10. Spring Cactus Design

She uses paint brushes to create her cute and intricate designs. Here’s a spring-themed nail art she created lately.


Know more about Fleury Rose from this video by NAILgasmTV:

No wonder Fleury Rose is a popular fashion editorial nail artist! Her designs are just “wow”. What do you think of her work? Leave a comment below!

You can also follow Fleury’s work on Instagram.

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