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16 Celebrity Nails Designs That Will Inspire You To Amp Your Nail Game

Many of us turn to celebrity nails designs for our nail-spiration. Thank heavens for social media for making our “stalking” easier. If you’re just like me, there’s no need for you to keep on browsing through your favorite celebrities’ account today. Let me take the lead on this one as I feature 16 celebrity nails designs that will surely inspire you to amp your nail game. Trust me, you’re going to want to head to the nail salon after reading this.

16 Celebrity Nails You’ll Drool Over

Social media has become such a powerful tool in so many ways and so many levels. Personally, it has become a wonderful ally in helping me create stunning nail designs for myself and clients. I must admit how much I love exploring numerous accounts to continuously inspire me in doing great with my craft. Celebrity nails, of course, are one of my major sources of inspiration.

The nail designs celebrities don are undeniably hot commodities. Like the clothes, shoes, makeup or accessories they wear, celebrity nails are major fashion envy! Truth be told, I once had a client who showed me a screen grab of Beyonce’s nails for me to recreate. Sounds familiar, right? I know you nail junkies had an experience similar to this.

Anyway, today the stars are shining upon you! You need not exert much effort to check on the hottest celebrity nails on social media as I’ve got you covered. Chill, and let this collection inspire you.


1. Lily Allen – Green Game

Singer and songwriter Lily Allen is an amazing artist. Her brilliance shines through even with her choice of nail art. Just check out the complex celebrity nails above. Who wouldn’t be green with envy with this one?


2. Jennifer Lopez – Nude

She’s one of the biggest stars there is, and seeing her choose a subdued nail color makes me want to have that one too! JLo’s nude nails are undeniably one of the most popular celebrity nails, making it anybody’s go-to color.


3. Vanessa Hudgens – Goth

Channel your inner goth with the former High School Musical sweetheart’s choice of nail art. It’s dark, complex and fab at the same time. Halloween may be over but this is something you can wear anytime of the year.


4. Rihanna – Home

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How refreshing is it to see RiRi take the characters of her animated film Home to her nails? It’s a fun and playful celebrity nails design I personally didn’t think Rihanna would wear. This girl, however, proved me wrong. If you’re also into animation like Minions perhaps, then check this out.


5. Jessie J – Blush

Jessie J may be a big star but this choice of nail design shows she can also wear simple designs. The blush-colored nail polish perfectly matches her laid back outfit in this post. No matter how simple, though, she managed to own this look and make it appear exciting.


6. Beyonce – Fierce Red

I am definitely reminded of Sasha Fierce with this nail art! Celebrity nails like that of Beyonce are unquestionably one of the most requested among clients. Seeing this reminds why. It’s hot, intense, and dramatic. I love using this ella+milla Nail Polish Mommy Collection in Paint the Town Red.


7. Ariana Grande – White Shimmer

Do you find white too boring to sport? Well, take inspiration from Ariana Grande who managed to glam up her white nails with a little bit of shimmer. The metallic silver detail at the center of this design takes white from drab to fab!


8. Khloe Kardashian – Simple Chic

The reality star isn’t only a fit-spiration as she’s also a nail-spiration! In this nail art, Khloe has shown her take on chic and elegant design. I can definitely see this on my nails. A nail polish like this one is the perfect choice in recreating this nail design.


9. Rita Ora – Red Bling

It looks like red is a design staple for celebrity nails . Check out this red nail design with bling from Rita Ora. I wouldn’t mind having that many studs if my nails look that good! Here are more bling nail art designs you can also wear.


10. Chloe Grace Moretz – Coach

The girl sure knows how to advertise her products. Wearing your preference in basically anything on your nails is a guaranteed way to pick up anyone’s interest. Add a touch of your personality to the design like how Chloe did as she supplemented the coach nail art with dainty flowers.


11. Georgia Mae Jagger – Gold and Red

Here’s another take on the classic red nail polish brought to you by sought-after model Georgia Mae Jagger. Not fully painting the nails with the polish and adding some gold tape near its edge is genius!


12. Heidi Klum – Minty

Model Heidi Klum is someone who’s not shy to flaunt snippets of her life in social media. And I am very much grateful for that as she’s one of my style inspiration. In this post, the model is showing her dress down an outfit and those gorgeous minty green nails.


13. Cara Delevingne – Rustic Gold

Cara’s bold personality certainly translates even to her choice of nail art. This rustic gold celebrity nails may seem too daring, but you can actually wear this even without a special occasion. The muted hue shows a deep complexity of the color.


14. Katy Perry – The Eye

You don’t have to get the usual one color nail polish for your feet. Albeit often neglected in the nail design department, Katy Perry is showing you how to sport a cool pedicure. Can you see Santorini or Mykonos with this color palette? I do!


15. Kesha – Black to Basic

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Kesha’s nail game is seriously one of the most adventurous and pretty celebrity nails I’ve seen. Take this Black to Basic nail designs for example. The singer breathed new life into a rather basic nail color by using it to create interesting shapes and designs. It’s sort of matchy-matchy but not really.


16. Demi Lovato – Hot Pink

Are you the girly type? This hot pink celebrity nails from Demi will fit your need. Pair it with an equally bright lipstick to take your look from casual to glam. Hot!


Is this list not enough for you? Here’s a video from Top 10 on their take of the best celebrity nails:

Celebrity nails are amazing and definitely doable. There’s no need for you to spend thousands of bucks just get nails similar to theirs. All you need is the right kind of products at reasonable prices. To build your nail tools stash less the hefty price tag, check this Black Friday Sale information.

If you want more nail design ideas, I’ve got plenty! Here’s some nail art you will definitely want to sport.

Are you ready to try these celebrity nails? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below. You can also visit my Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook page for more amazing nail design ideas and inspiration.


Featured Image via Katy Perry

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