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DIY | Sunset Orange Ombre Nail Art Perfect For Summer

One of the best things about summer is the beautiful sunset it brings with it. What better way to pay tribute to this wonderful work of nature than with the perfect DIY orange ombre nail art?

Watching the sun kiss the horizon goodnight creates a romantic mood for warm summer nights ahead. Everyone who loves watching the sun set would agree that its magnificence can’t be properly described with just words.  Carry around the image of the sleepy sun with this remarkable ombre nail art design!

DIY | Sunset Orange Ombre Nail Art Perfect For Summer

It’s important to welcome the summer with just the right look! Whether it’s the perfect makeup, eye-catching hairstyle, a fabulous outfit or amazing ombre nail art!

One of the best things about summer is its colorful sunsets. Keep the setting sun in your heart as well as your hands with this awesomely easy tutorial of a perfect sunset-inspired orange ombre nail art!

Just follow the steps below to have nails that will remind you of that magical moment just before dark this summer.


What you’ll need to create your sunset orange ombre nail art:

Step 1: Keep Your Nails Strong!

After thoroughly cleaning your nails, apply a clear base coat to help strengthen them. Covering your nails with a base coat before applying nail polish helps protect your nail from being damaged.

Remember to wait for your nails to dry before starting your orange ombre nail art!

DIY | Sunset Orange Ombre Nail Art Perfect For Summer

Step 2: White Makes Your Orange Ombre Nail Art Pop!

To make your sunset orange ombre nail art pop out more, apply at least two coatings of a plain white polish for the base. Make sure that it’s dry before moving on to the next step.


Step 3: Make Cleanup Easy

Since you’ll be using a sponge to apply the ombre nail art, it’s better to prevent messes by applying liquid latex around your nails. Trust me, this will make cleaning up later a million times easier.

DIY | Sunset Orange Ombre Nail Art Perfect For Summer

Step 4: Prep Your Ombre Colors

Using a triangle makeup sponge, dab on a generous amount of yellow nail polish on the edge. Then pick out an orange color to dab beside the yellow polish. Finally, use red for the third line. Don’t worry about them overlapping. This will all turn into the most gorgeous fiery sunset orange nail art later on!


Step 5: Time To Blend Your Orange Ombre Nail Art!

After you’re satisfied with the colors for your gradient, start dabbing the sponge on your nail! Continue to do so until all of the white has been covered.

Do this two to three times until you get the desired effect. Don’t mind the excess nail polish beyond your nails. The liquid latex you applied around your nails blocked the mess from reaching your skin.

DIY | Sunset Orange Ombre Nail Art Perfect For Summer

Step 6: Coat It Like You Mean It!

After getting just the right colors for the fiery sunset orange ombre nail art apply a clear top coat. This will help your nail design last longer.

Afterward, peel off the latex around your nails and, voila! You’ve got yourself a gorgeous sunset orange ombre nail art! This would go perfectly with your favorite summer look!



Check out the full tutorial from Kelli Marissa below!

Now you’ve got gorgeous orange ombre nail art reminiscent of a warm summer sunset! Isn’t it so easy to do? You can also experiment with the design by using different colors. You can also add some palm trees just for the fun of it!

Try this cute sunset orange ombre nail art and let me know how it went for you in the comments section below!


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