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Metallic Nail Art Design | Have You Heard Of Chrome Nails?

Get to know the newest metallic nail art trend – chrome nails! Should you try them? Here’s what you need to know!

Get Shiny With This New Metallic Nail Art Trend

Nowadays, everything is metallic – cellphones, appliances, accessories and even hair. It’s no wonder that metallic nail art design is also becoming such a huge hit! Imagine seeing a mirror image of yourself on your nails? Isn’t that something?

Using highly pigmented powder, nail art enthusiasts have dubbed it mirror nails because of its reflective effect. And it has become a hit on social media!


Chrome Nails Look Super Pretty When Done Right

The trendy metallic nail art design got turned up a notch with the sleek-looking mirror chrome nails! This new style has been making manicure-loving individuals fall in love with it for the past couple of months.

Chrome nails isn’t just about applying silver polish, adding glitters and crystals or getting metallic decals. It’s actually getting such shiny metallic nails that you can use them as a mirror. Plus, it helps you achieve that classy look effortlessly!

However, some people who tried doing the chrome nails without curing it with a UV lamp wasn’t quite as impressed as those who did it with proper equipment.

Loose Chrome Powder Works Best

While there are several other alternatives to having metallic nail art,  professional nail technicians use loose chrome powder to give you the best effect.

Daily Charme’s Mirror Chrome Magic Powder has “FDA approved cosmetic grade pigments” that are also safe for the skin. Or you can try different chrome colors to make things more interesting.

Cure Under A UV Lamp For Full Effect

The loose chrome powder works best with gel polish, so using a UV lamp to cure your nails is a must.

This also helps retain the mirror effect of this metallic nail art.

Use A No Wipe Top Coat

Use a no wipe or a resin-based top coat to give the best results. Otherwise, your chrome nails will lose its glossy, mirror look.

Try Out Different Colors

While the most famous metallic nail art is the silver one, you can definitely use other shades as your base color.

You can choose a base color to enhance your metallic nails. Then you can apply the loose chrome powder, apply a gel top coat, cure your nails under a UV lamp, and you’ll have the sleekest mirror nails ever in your favorite color!

Several lacquer brands also offer a variety of different colored pigments from the usual silver to midnight blue and rose gold!

Metallic Nail Art – Chrome Nails Alternatives

If you’re more of a DIY person and opt to recreate this trendy metallic nail art design at home or if you just don’t have the time and resources to get it done in a salon, then you can try other alternatives.

One alternative is to use nail wraps.

YouTuber Janelle Estep tried recreating the design without using gel polish and was relatively impressed with the results. Instead of using a lamp, she used a water-based top coat to lock in the mirror effect of the design.

On the other hand, another blogger also tried the Mia Secret Chrome Mirror Nail Liquid which is a liquid silver polish. Instead of loose powder, it’s in liquid form and definitely a lot easier to clean up. However, the product wasn’t as impressive as the loose powder ones.



How To Do Your Own Chrome Nails

Creating the perfect chrome nail is easier than you’d think! In the tutorial below, we’ll show you how to do your own in just a few simple steps.

Hint: The secret is using Elmer’s glue around the edges to make a flawless nail!

What you’ll need:

Step 1: Begin with a white nail
Begin with a white nail | Metallic Nail Art Design | Have You Heard Of Chrome Nails?

Step 2: Paint Elmer’s glue around the nail
Paint Elmer's glue around the nail | Metallic Nail Art Design | Have You Heard Of Chrome Nails?

Step 3: Paint metallic polish onto the nail
Paint metallic polish onto the nail | Metallic Nail Art Design | Have You Heard Of Chrome Nails?

Step 4: Peel the glue off of your skin
Peel the glue off of your skin | Metallic Nail Art Design | Have You Heard Of Chrome Nails?

Ta-da! It’s as easy as that. Just make sure you give your nails enough time to dry!


Watch the full tutorial video below!

Is this awesome metallic nail art trend worth a try? Although you can achieve the metallic nail art look using normal polish, I think the loose powder gives it more attitude. Getting these awesome nails may seem tedious but the finished product is totally worth it!

Let me know in the comments section below if you tried this chrome design! I’d love to know how the manicure turned out for you!

Want to know how to do this chrome design at home? Follow this metallic nail art tutorial!

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featured image via Elle Sees

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