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15 Gorgeous Glittery Nail Gems You Must Try

Adding nail gems to your manicure is a sure way to make your hands pretty and interesting. There are several ways to do it. You can choose to use pearls, studs, rhinestones, charms and – if you’ve got the budget for it – Swarovski crystals. The color and designs are limitless as well, so you won’t run out of creative ideas for your designs.

Ever wanted to sport nail gems but you’re too confused which design to have? I might just be able to help you choose with some designs I found interesting.

15 Nail Gems To Try And Enjoy

I recently talked to a client who wanted a classy and elegant manicure but she didn’t know what design to get exactly. After several minutes of talking to her and showing her how chic nail gems are, she finally decided on a simple yet classic nude nails topped with pearls.

The design was dreamy, and she was absolutely thrilled with her choice. It also complemented her makeup and outfit choices for work. I, on the other hand, got my creative juices flowing from all the choices of nail gems available.

However, I can’t deny that choosing nail gems can be a really daunting task considering the variety of selections available. So to make things a little bit easier for you, here are 15 gorgeous glittery nail gems you must try. Plus, more nail ideas you can do with these nail gems!


1. Lace and Crystals

Brides are the biggest customers when it comes to nail gems. This nail art mixes a lace design with Swarovski crystals to create a dreamy look, perfect for any wife-to-be. After all, you should always have the best for your wedding day, right?


2. Blooms

Another perfect pair for crystals are flowers! I just love blinging out floral designs, especially when they’re put on long nails. Roses, tulips, daisies – add some Swarovski crystals and you’ve got yourself one of the most elegant nails ever!


3. Gradient And Gems

A photo posted by Kuan (@kuan_nails) on

It’s sparkly and it’s definitely catchy. Like gradient manicures aren’t interesting enough,  these almond-shaped nails are topped with Swarovski crystals to make them even more attractive. Adding gems to a gradient manicure will definitely elevate its elegance factor.


4. Color Blocking With Gems

This dark blue and white color block nails becomes even more amazing with some added bling. The crystals become even more emphasized with the dark background shade. Learn how to make some interesting negative space nails with this tutorial!


5. Blue, White And Bling

Blue and white is a classic color combination that can never go wrong. While the two shades combined is eye-catching enough, you can spice things up with a color block design and of course, some Swarovski crystals. You can also apply a matte top coat to raise it up a notch.


6. White Bling

Who says black and white is plain and boring? This manicure added nail gems and some intricate white design to a frosted base and it isn’t boring at all! This is perfect for formal events and even for a bride for her wedding day!


7. Gold and White

Feel like royalty in this gold and white nail art. Keep the white nails plain with just one nail dotted with golden studs, while the others are covered in golden polish. If you’re going for elegant and classy then this is the nail art to have.


8. Red And Silver

Match red and silver coupled with rhinestones to achieve this easy to-do nail gems design. This is also perfect for the holiday seasons! You can also do red and white nails to really make the gems pop!


9. Turn Purple

Combine several shades of purple to come up with a cohesive nail design. To amp up the style factor some more, bring in some Swarovski crystals. I just love how it looks like one color from afar but is actually made up of different shades.


10. Goth-inspired

A photo posted by Nicole 🇺🇸 (@majikbeenz) on

For fans of black and it’s dark tones, this Goth-inspired nail art is the perfect design for you. The black and silver color combination coupled with studs and a skull charm looks flawless on the nails. This will look perfect with your all-black outfit!


11. Pretty in Pink

Isn’t this the cutest?! This is probably the girliest pink nail gem design in this list. Hearts and gems in pink nail polish, what more could you ask for! Not really into this shade? You can browse through this list of awesome pink designs because I’m sure you’ll find something for you.


12. Nautical

This nautical design makes use of a lot of patterns perfect for a summer outing! Lines and polka dots on white, blue and gray base colors already look amazing. Add an anchor made up of golden beads and you have an elegant-looking nautical manicure. If you can’t manage to putting on gems for your Nautical design don’t fret because made this tutorial without putting one and it turned out perfectly fine.


13. Under the Sea

Fulfill your mermaid dreams by donning nails with shells and glittery stones. Instead of using the common blue base, try a more glittery ombre look to reflect the splendor of the sea. You can also add some anchor designs, pearls and starfish to give it more depth.


14. Wonder Woman Bling

A photo posted by Shauny (@theblingingpinky) on

With Marvel bringing Wonder Woman to the big screen, fans of the powerful Dianna will appreciate this pop art nail design. Surprisingly, adding gems to the colorful design makes it even more interesting!


15. Into the Blue

A photo posted by Sonia (@badgirlnails) on

Transform your usual blue, white and silver combination by throwing in some bling. The silver studs give more personality in this favorite color combo. Want a more organic style? Keep your base color just blue!


Here’s a video of a nail gems design from Mobi Turtle you can do at home:

Thrilled to try out these nail gems ideas? Remember you can mix and match to find out just what nail gems work the best for you! I’m a Swarovski girl myself but you can try every nail gem you’ll discovering until you find the one you’d love to wear often! Share which nail gem is your favorite in the comments section below. 


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