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Pretty Monarch Butterfly Nails Tutorial

Let your nails flutter like a monarch butterfly! Butterfly nails are perfect for any season, here’s an easy tutorial you can follow.

Monarch Butterfly Nails| Perfect For Any Season

A Monarch butterfly is one of the most beautiful and well-known butterflies in North America. It’s also the most popular nail design theme right now. Butterfly nails are pretty and colorful. So let’s get down to this nail art, shall we?


What You’ll Need:


Step 1: Always Start With A Base Coat

Start off with a base coat to protect your natural nails. Aside from functioning like a double-sided tape, it gives an even surface for your nail polish to adhere to.

Pretty Monarch Butterfly Nails Tutorial

Step 2: Apply Your Base Color

Apply two coats of your desired base color to your nails. In this tutorial, she used China Glaze’s turquoise polish.


Step 3: Create The Butterfly Wings Using Orange Polish

With an orange polish, use the body of the brush bristles to form the wings. Make sure that the edges are clean and perfect.


Step 4: Place Two Dots On Each End Of The Wing

Grab your black polish and a dotting tool. Use your dotting tool to add a black dot to each end of the wings.

Pretty Monarch Butterfly Nails Tutorial

Step 5: Create The Intricate Wing Design On Your Butterfly Nails

Now using a nail art brush, outline the wings. For more details, add some curves and lines inside the wings.


Step 6: Add White Dots As Details

To finish up the monarchs, add some white dots along the black outline. This will make your butterfly design pop up.

Pretty Monarch Butterfly Nails Tutorial

Step 7: Almost Done

Let your design dry then carefully apply a fast drying top coat to seal your design.


And that’s it!

See how your nails transformed into Exquisite monarch butterflies? Green is just one of the color trends this year, but you can use other colors that suit your personality.


More Butterfly Nail Designs To Love

Did you enjoy this butterfly nails tutorial? If you want more butterfly nails to inspire you, I have 5 more below! Check them out:


1. Colorful Monarch Butterfly Nails

Since monarch butterflies come in various colors, why not try all of these wonderful hues on your nails? It will surely become a masterpiece!


2. Crystals And Butterflies

Here’s a nail art design that will surely make other ladies envy your nails! The yellow and pink color match the butterfly and crystals design perfectly.  Can’t get enough of crystals? Here’s another butterfly and crystals nail design.


3. Pink Butterfly Nails

Pink is perfect for any season. The butterfly design on one nail looks intricate and perfectly done.

Pretty Monarch Butterfly Nails Tutorial

4. Violet Butterfly Nails

Just like pink, violet is definitely an all-around color. The butterfly design on each nail is so cute and refined.


5. Red Monarch Butterfly Nail Design

The Monarch butterfly design looks good in red, orange and yellow too. The hue is warmer and it looks elegant.


You can watch the full video below by cutepolish:

Some may think that a monarch butterfly nail desigs will require tedious hours of painting but this is certainly not as difficult as you think. Now that we’ve reached the end of the tutorial, how do you like your new nails? Tell us how it went by leaving a comment down below.

Butterfly nails are cute and pretty. Here’s another butterfly nail art tutorial you can do.

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