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Top Nail Tutorials 2016 | Which One Is Your Favorite?

Nail art is love! If you’re looking for the top nail tutorials 2016 inspiration, then you’ve stumbled upon the right list! With the year ending, here’s a recap of some of the most gorgeous nail art designs I’ve shared to you in the past year.

Top Nail Tutorials 2016 Just For You

For DIY enthusiasts like me, finding the best tutorial for a gorgeous design is very crucial. That’s why I made sure that I shared to you the most awesome nail art ideas during the past year. Read on if you want to see the best nail tutorials 2016.

2016 has gone through several trends in fashion, makeup, and of course nail art. And of course, I was there to share all the new designs to you! From zebra prints to reverse stamping, and even to aquarium nails, I’ve shown them all to you. Are you ready for 2017?



1. Party-Ready Metallic Nails For Winter Gatherings

Metallic Nails | Top Nail Tutorials 2016

Whether it’s for a holiday gathering or a Friday night out with the girls, this cool and chic metallic nails will definitely get the party started! You can use metallic polish or if you have a bit more time to spare, then try out some chrome powder. Watch the full video tutorial here.


2. Pastel Marble Nail Tutorial | Super Easy Chic Design

Pastel Marble | Top Nail Tutorials For 2016

Water marbling is fun and easy but they can get a bit messy. Thankfully, there are several ways of getting marble nail art without having to use water. I have personally used cotton swabs, dipping tools, toothpicks and even some fine liner brushes to create different kinds of marble design. I used a plastic wrap for this design! Watch the full tutorial here.


3. Mouth-Watering Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial Fun & Easy!

Watermelon Nails | Top Nail Tutorials 2016

Summer is quickly approaching and what best way to welcome it than by creating this easy but fun watermelon design? You just have to create an ombre base using orange white and green before adding the three black oblongs for the seeds. Try recreating this design by following the step by step process in this post.


4. Elegant Geometric Glam Nail Art Tutorial

Geometric Glam Nail Art | Top Nail Tutorials For 2016

Geometric glam nail art designs look absolutely gorgeous but are they easy to do? Absolutely! Paint on each shade separately, creating an open space in the middle of the nail. Make the lines clean by using some tape! Interested of this design? Check out the full tutorial here!


5. You Should Try This Classy Autumn Nail Art Tutorial

Autumn Glam | Top Nail Tutorials 2016

This awesome negative space design is perfect for Autumn and any other time of the year! I was inspired by the NYFW F/W nail art collection and I wanted to create my hand at it. In this version, I used thin striping tape and added some gold nail gems.  Check out the tutorial here.


6. Egyptian Nail Art Tutorial Perfect For The Goddess In You

Egyptian Nail Art | Top Nail Tutorials 2016

Bring out your inner goddess with an awesome Egyptian nail art! Like the geometric glam design, I also used striping tape with this design. If there are crooked lines or spillage in between them, use an angled brush dipped in acetone to correct it. Find out how to make them yourself with this tutorial!


7. Pineapple Express! Check Out This Cute Fruit Nail Art Tutorial

Pineapple Fruit Nail Art | Top Nail Tutorials 2016

Get on that pineapple express! Summer is almost here and tropical fruits are the best design to try. In this tutorial, you can use dotting tools or even toothpicks to create these cute pineapples. You can also try making other fruits like apples, watermelons, and even strawberries!


8. Try This Fun Back To School Nails For Kids Tutorial

Back To School Crayons | Top Nail Tutorials 2016

Make your little princess’ first day back to school memorable with this colorful crayon nail art tutorial. You can use your daughter’s favorite crayon colors to put on her nails. This also reminds us adults of our younger days and our treasured box of crayons!


9. DIY Mermaid Nails Tutorial | Channel Your Under The Sea Vibe

Mermaid Nails | Top Nail Tutorials 2016

Do you want to be a beautiful mermaid? You don’t have to dive into the sea! Just follow this simple tutorial here for some awesome mermaid nails! You only need to create an ombre design on top of a fish scale stencil and you’re good to go! You can also add some cute 3D shells as well.


10. You Must Try This Mesmerizing Aquarium Nail Art Tutorial

Sea lovers will definitely love this new trend in the nail industry! Aquarium nails are super cute and fascinating. And they’re not like those nasty glass enclosure for poor sea creatures. These are like snow globes that bring happy memories with the sea as its theme! It might seem impossible but you can definitely do it! It needs a bit more effort but it’s super worth it and you’ll definitely love it like I do. See the full tutorial here.


11. Flower Nail Art Tutorial Perfect For Fall

A flower nail art might be fitting for Spring but you can definitely wear this during Fall as well. As the leaves begin to change its color to red, brown, and yellow, it’s nice to sport something with a pop of color. this may take a bit more creative powers. See the full tutorial of this design here.


12. Wear This Incredibly Unique Wavy and Colorful Nail Art For Stunning Look

Are you looking for a fun nail art to have during summer or spring? These curved lines will be perfect for a trip to the beach or a roadtrip with friends. It’s also easy to do. You only need some tape, a steady hand and your favorite colors to do this design. So if you’re totally up for something genuinely fun to wear, this colorful nail art design shall do the trick.


13. Cartoon Nail Art: Mustache Cat Nail Design

Cats are taking over the internet so it’s only natural to put them on our nails! What’s the best way to make them even more adorable? Stick mustaches on their cute faces! You don’t even have to be an expert in nail art to do this. You only need a striping tool or a toothpick to follow this cute and creative nail art tutorial.


14. Aztec Nail Design Tutorial | Aztec Print Over Purple Gradient

Do you like Aztec and tribal prints? It’s time to take tribal nail art to the next level. This design may look complicated but you’ll only need a striping tool to make this tribal theme happen. If you’re not up for individually painting your nails then you can use a stencil or a stamp.  Check out this step by step tutorial now!


15. Zebra Nails: Easy Zebra Print Nail Art Tutorial

You don’t need a fancy nail art kit or a trip to the salon to get and flaunt flawless nails. Muster up some creativity, look for the right tools and a steady hand to get salon-fresh nails.Wear one of the most interesting animals in the jungle with  the step-by-step tutorial on the zebra nail art design.


16. DIY Cute Nautical Nail Art Design Perfect for Summer

Another great look for summer is an awesome nautical design! You can use bright pastel colors to compliment your summer outfits. Making the anchor 3D using gold gems also gives it a more sophisticated look. Check out the tutorial here.


17. Nail Art: Simple Teal Plaid Nail Design Tutorial

You don’t have to be an expert to pull off this nail art design. All you need to do is paint your nails with the base colors of your choice then use a striper to create lines in contrasting colors to your base color. You can also add some silver to give this awesome plaid design an metallic accent. Go ahead and check out the tutorial here.


18. DIY Easy Minion Nail Art Tutorial

Who doesn’t love those cute and crazy Minions? Aside from looking perfectly adorable, they’re also easy to do! You can paint the entire body or use their colors to create a colorful French tip. The natural curve of our nails is also a perfect shape for the Minions’ heads. See the full tutorial here.


19.  Have Fun and Find Dory with this Easy Disney Nail Art Tutorial

We all fell in love with Dory in the Disney animated film “Finding Nemo.” That’s why it’s no surprise that the sequel starring the adorable amnesiac fish also endeared itself to us. Though this might seem like a complicated design, you’ll definitely love its finished product! Here’s a perfect tribute to Dory! Check out this Disney nail art tutorial.


20. Glittered Chevron-Inspired Nail Design

Chevron nails don’t need to be complicated! You can even add a gold accent to make this design extra special. It’s time to get some tape and your gold polish for this awesome design. See the full tutorial here!


21. Easy Falling Glitter Nail Design You’ll Fall In Love With

Dripping polish designs were all the rage in 2016. This version, however, took one step further with glitters! In case you would want to have a unique and classic way to have sparkles on your nails, here is an easy falling glitter nail design. See the tutorial here.


22. Easy DIY Gorgeous Golden Lightning Tape Nail Art Tutorial

Match an edgy nail design with your fashionable outfit. This lightning nail art looks gorgeous but it’s not hard to do at all! You only need clear tapes to get clean lines. See the full tutorial here for more comprehensive instructions.


23. Celebrate National Ice Cream Day With This Fun Nail Art Tutorial

If I had my way, it will be National Ice Cream Day every day! Alas, that can’t be. Thankfully, I can wear my favorite dessert on my nails thanks to nail art! You can also try your hand with this delicious design by using matte pink polish and a dark brown shade for the chocolate. I bet you’ll also love drawing on the sprinkles as well! Recreate this awesome nail art inspired by the yummy treat with this tutorial.


Learn how to make that awesome watermelon nail art with this tutorial!

Which one do you think is the best nails tutorial of the year? I honestly can’t pick one from all the gorgeous designs on this list! Although, I’m particularly inclined to gel manicures and acrylic designs. Do you have a favorite design as well? Let me know which one caught your eye in the comments section below!


Welcome the New Year with the best nail art design! Look for the perfect nail art for when you ring in 2017 in this list!


Celebrate the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 with these gorgeous grey, heeled booties.



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