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Tri-Color Nail Art Designs Perfect For Every Fashion Savvy Lady

Keep your next manicure savvy with these chic tri-color nail art ideas!

Whether you want a chevron design, swirls, or just simple blocks on your nails, you can try all of those with a tri-color nail art!

With this design, you don’t have to agonize over which polish you’ll use for your new manicure. Pick out three of your favorites and you’re good to go!

11 Tri-Color Nail Art Designs Perfect For Every Fashion Savvy Lady

Tri-color nail art design can be pastels, dark colors or even metallic polishes. Whatever fashion trend you’re following, this design will compliment your outfit and makeup with its simple but savvy shapes.

Check out the designs you can recreate below!

1. Block Tri-Color Nail Art

This design is so easy to do! You just need your three pastel colors, striping tape, and top coat ready and you’ll have this gorgeous design! Learn how to create this here.

2. Red, Taupe, Black

With fall coming up, this red, taupe and black design from OPI will definitely warm your fashion enthusiastic heart up so much!

3. Retro Tri-Color Nail Art

Essie’s Fall collection is a throwback to 90s grunge. Get with the program and try out this retro-styled tri color nail art!

Tri-Color Nail Art Designs Perfect For Every Fashion Savvy Lady

4. Blue, Green, Violet

The three colors you’ll use don’t have to be in the family. You can contract colors and see how well those shades work together!

5. Unusual Chevron

Chevron designs are all the rage in the fashion world! Join the trend with a chevron design of your own. It doesn’t even have to be fixed lines and blocks!

Tri-Color Nail Art Designs Perfect For Every Fashion Savvy Lady

6. Pastel And Gold

The gold polish will definitely stand out when grouped with pastel-colored polishes!

7. Red, Blue, Gold

Remember color compliments? This is also a great example of mixing and matching colors. Plus, you can even use it for July 4th or similar celebrations!

8. Swirl

Not really into all those chevron and negative space designs? Try this swirl tri color nail art design. You only need your three polishes, plus a toothpick for this one! Learn how to make it here!

9. Negative Space

There’s something about negative space nail art that makes it so chic! You can even decide what design you’ll have on each finger.

10. Triangles

Using blue and orange with white as background, this cute triangle design is perfect for  a day spending time with friends.

11. Golden Lighting

Using black and white really makes the golden lightning bolt standout, don’t you think?

Tri-Color Nail Art Designs Perfect For Every Fashion Savvy Lady

Aren’t these tri-color nail art ideas easy to follow and recreate? Try one yourself with this golden lightning bolt tutorial from Janelle Estep!

Have you found your tri-color nail design peg? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below!

Want to learn more chic nail designs? Learn to make this glammed up autumn nail art that’s perfect for the cold season! Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram also has a lot of nail art ideas you can check out!


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