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10 Fabulous Nude Nails To Complement Your Back to School Outfits

It’s never too late to think about back to school outfits. Whether it’s your first day of college or you just returned from a Holiday, make sure your look is on point with the cutest nude nails!

Complete Your Look With These Nude Nail Designs

Nude nails are perfect for school! The subtle shade can complement whatever hairstyle, outfit, or makeup look you have on. Despite the fact that colorful nails are so tempting to wear to school, it’s better to stick to the basics.  Check out these nude nail designs that will compliment several back to school outfits!


1. Matte Nude Nails

Let’s start off with the classic nude nail color to match your back to school outfit perfectly! However, giving your nude manicure a matte finish really gives it that extra “oomph,” don’t you think?

2. Nude Nails With Gold Accent

If you want to try something new, add a gold accent to your nude nails like this design! It’ll look simple yet elegant.

3. Classic Nude With Swarovski Crystals

We had gold, now it’s time for some Swarovski crystals! You can also try rhinestones for a more affordable alternative.

4. Glittery Nude Nails

Instead of sticking crystals to your nails, try glitters instead. It will give your nude nails more character while keeping it a bit more subtle than using crystals.

5. Marbled Nude Nails

Nail marbling has been a thing recently and it would be a shame to not wear it because of restrictions in school. This design combines nude manicure with nail marbling without being over-the-top.

6. Studded Pink Nude Nails

Be a bit more daring with your back to school outfit. This studded pink nude design is perfect for girls with a rock star slumbering inside for them!

7. French Nails

Who can forget the classic French nails for the first day of school? It’s not only subtle enough to match with your school uniform, it also looks quite elegant!

8. Long Pink Nude Nails With Silver Lines

Pink and silver is a pretty combination, don’t you think? This design uses a subdued pink base color and silver lines as an accent.

9. Nude Nails With Flower Tips

You don’t have to stick to white for your French tip.  Get a bit crazy and draw in flowers on the tip of your nude nails to give it more depth!

10. Plain Nude

The best way to wear nude nails? Keep it plain and simple. It will match any outfit and makeup you wear.


Can’t figure out what exact shade of nude is perfect for your skin tone? Check out this video by Allure:

Don’t you think these back to school outfits will look even better with these nude nail designs? If I get a chance to go back to school, I’d definitely try one of these awesome designs. Which one will you try? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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