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Easy Nail Polish Chipping Hacks To Make Your Varnish Last Longer

You don’t have to worry about nail polish chipping with these super easy hacks! Just follow these tips and you’ll have pretty nails for at least a week!

Prevent Nail Polish Chipping With These Easy Tips!

Seeing my nail polish chipping too fast annoys me to no end! Especially if I spent a lot of time creating a gorgeous nail art, only to see it ruined the next day. I’m sure, like me, you also want to make your nail designs last longer than its usual lifespan. No matter how glamorous your outfit is or how fierce your makeup look is, chipped nails will definitely ruin your overall look.

To help ease your worries about chipped nails, here are some hacks that can help stop nail polish chipping – or at least delay the process!

Easy Nail Polish Chipping Hacks To Make Your Varnish Last Longer

1. Always Start With Properly Prepped Nails

Proper cleaning and prepping is always a must when it comes to getting a new manicure. It helps scrape away excess polish as well as oil residue that may hinder the proper application of the polish. You should also buff and grind your nails to get rid of any bumps and grinds on your nail. It’s essential to start with smooth nails with every manicure.

You should also wash over excess oil residue on your nails using a nail dehydrator or just plain old alcohol. This will keep your nails moist and make it easier for the polish to stay on your nails longer.

Easy Nail Polish Chipping Hacks To Make Your Varnish Last Longer

2. Find The Perfect Base Coat

In relation to having smooth nails before every manicure, apply the best base coat for your nails. This will smoothen your nails and help your polish glide on your nails effortlessly. You can also try a rubberized base coat. It’s somewhat a sticky formula that helps keep the polish intact for a week. If you want a more traditional base coat, however, Butter London foundation works great as well!

Easy Nail Polish Chipping Hacks To Make Your Varnish Last Longer

3. Warm Up Polish

When your polishes get stuck in storage for a while, they tend to harden up. This causes clumping and eventually chipping. Rub the bottle of polish between your hands to warm up the polish.


4. Thin Layers Instead of Thick

Sometimes it’s tempting to apply a thick layer of polish to get full and opaque coverage right away. Thick layers easily smudge, eventually ruining your nail art. It’s better to apply 2-3 thin coatings of polish to build the layers, strengthening the polish.

Easy Nail Polish Chipping Hacks To Make Your Varnish Last Longer

5. Look For The Best Top Coat

Of course, the best defense against nail polish chipping is applying the right top coat. There a lot of variations – fast drying, super shine, matte and more. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat is one of my favorite ones! It dries quickly and keeps your manicure glossy.

There’s one trick I do to ensure my top coat does its job right. I swipe the topcoat on the edges of my nails to “lock in” the polish, stopping the edges from lifting. Also, apply a thin layer of top coat every few days to keep that glossy shine going.


6. Let It Completely Dry

Let It Completely Dry | Easy Nail Polish Chipping Hacks To Make Your Varnish Last Longer

Don’t forget to let your nail art dry completely before doing add anything else. However, never shake your hands. Taylor Swift might tell you to shake off certain things, but that’s not advisable for manicures! Dipping your nails in cold water is bad practice as well, since your nail shape changes ever so slightly with water absorption.


Check out this video by Kelli Marissa for more tips on preventing nail polish chipping.

Just follow these hacks and your nail art will definitely last at least a week!
Do you have more nail polish chipping prevention tips? Let me know in the comments section below!

Now that you know how to avoid nail polish from chipping early it’s time to choose from these original video tutorials you can DIY!


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