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12 Stunning New Year’s Day Nail Designs

2017 is almost here and of course you have to welcome it with your best look! These stunning New Year’s Day nail designs will definitely make the last night for 2016 extra special.

12 New Year’s Day Nail Designs To Welcome 2017 With

Sequined dresses, towering stilettos and glammed up makeup? Something seems to be missing with this New Year’s Day outfit. Gorgeous nails with stunning New Year’s Day nail designs would look great wrapped around a champagne flute, don’t you think?

There a lot of designs you can go with – fireworks, glitters, wine glasses, and of course clocks. Whatever design you choose, don’t forget to add your own unique flair to the New Year’s Day nail designs you plan to use. Having the perfect look will boost your confidence to face a new year!

Whether you prefer a simple fireworks design or a glammed up chic look, this list will give you the best ideas for your nail art to complete your New Year party look!


1. Black And White Fireworks

Fireworks are a staple when it comes New Year’s Day nail designs. This nail art, however, has a more abstract style. You can also mattify it for a more chic look.


2. Glow In The Dark Nails

Here’s one design with a twist. You’ll catch everyone’s attention with this awesome glow in the dark New Year nail art! It might not be visible when fireworks light up the sky but afterwards, once the dust settles, you’ll still get your glow.


3. Glittery Fireworks

Make it sparkle with this glittery fireworks design. There’s nothing more chic and sophisticated than a black and silver color combination. It would be perfect if partnered with a sexy black dress.


4. Clear Sparkles

If you want a more subtle sparkle compared to the black glitter design, the clear nail in this design would be the safest bet. You can change the blue bases with other shades of your preference.


5. White Holo

Holographic nails are usually made up of different tiny colors. This one is a white holo design that reminds me of the New Year’s Ball being dropped at Times Square every year. Party the night away with these sparkly nails!


6. Glitter Ombre

Of course you can’t overlook one of 2016’s most popular nail art trend – ombre. Use glitters instead of the normal shades and you’re New Year’s Day ready! Even if you wear a simple black or white dress, these glitter nails will make your overall look sparkle!


7. Toast To The New Year

You can’t forget champagne and wine for the New Year! This design is simple but is so appropriate for the occasion. You’ll be ready to toast to 2017 even before the first bottle is opened!


8. Colorful Polka Dot

In some cultures wearing polka dots on New Year’s Eve is a good luck charm. Why not put them on your nails as well? Dots are usually red but like this design, you can put a spin on it with colorful circles instead.


9. Golden Countdown

If you’ve got a New Year’s Day stamp on hand, this design would be so easy to do! Paint on a gold base and just stamp on the party scene for some chic and awesome New Year’s Day nail designs. Your friends will love this nail art!


10. Classy And Chic

If you want to play it cool on New Year’s Eve, try this chic design. This is perfect for a wine and cheese party with your friends and loved ones on the last day of the year. Pair with your best evening dress and some gold heels for that classy feel.


11. Countdown To 2017

The best part of the night is when the countdown to the New Year starts. Translate that excitement to your nail art for the night! Experiment with your base colors but don’t forget the clock (stamp or freehand) and the gold glitters!


12. Party Pals

New Year’s Eve would be boring without an all out party! This design represents the very colorful occasion. And who says you need to stick to one design for all your fingers?


If you prefer simple, glittery New Year’s Day nail art designs, check out this tutorial from Janelle Estep.

Are you ready to party? Bring out your best look with these New Year’s Day nail art designs as you say au revoir to 2016! I’ll definitely try a couple of these designs as the special day nears. Try them yourself but don’t forget to let me know which one works best with your overall look on New Year’s Eve!

Get ready for a new year with this list of ultimate holiday nail designs that you can do yourself!

Party the night away with this little black dress from Mason & Ivy!


Already got some New Year’s Day nail designs in mind? Share them to me on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest! Follow me on those accounts for more nail trend updates.

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