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Ultimate Easy Holiday Nail Art Designs For All Occasions

Tired of spending all your time looking for the best manicure during special occasions? Then you need the ultimate easy holiday nail art designs guide!

If you’re looking for easy holiday nail art designs for different occasions, then you’re at the right place. I’ve rounded up the best holiday nail designs to complete your look for every occasion!  These will definitely be worthy of a #nailfie!

Easy Holiday Nail Art Designs For Your Idea Bank

At every event you will be gracing with your presence, you need to prepare  your clothes, accessories, shoes, hairstyle and makeup. But what about your nails? Time to get your nails on point for every occasion!

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, enjoying Thanksgiving or even having fun during the 4th of July, you need the perfect manicure to complete your overall look. Remember, it’s just not about the clothes or the makeup. You’ll need to perfect your NOTD game, too!

Check out these easy holiday nail art designs for you to keep in your idea bank. You won’t have to waste a lot of time when those special days come!


16 Sexy Red Nail Designs You Should Wear This Christmas

The classic combination of red and gold is at its best with this red nail designs. It’s sexy and elegant without being over the top.

Christmas is a gift-giving season full of festivities. What better way to don red nail designs for this season than to bring in the party straight to your nails, right? This nail art is cool and sexy. Something really worth displaying.

Imagine taking the glistening lights of the Christmas tree right into your nails? Looks exciting? Well, that’s because it is! Check out this nail art which uses metallic silver nail polish like this one from Essie to mimic the glistening effect of Christmas lights. Add a little glitter near the cuticle, and voila! Pretty.

Check out more sexy red nail designs for the holidays here.


17 Holiday Nail Art Designs Too Pretty To Pass Up

Here’s another set of Holiday nail art designs that scream Christmas. Reindeers and fair isle patterns are permanent fixtures of the season. Thus, this collection wouldn’t be complete without them. The addition of glittery green nail polish is the perfect icing on this pretty art.

Can’t get over those pretty lights? Put them on your nails! You can use studs in your favorite colors or opt for the usual Christmas colors to come up with the light bulbs.

Love snowflakes? Try this double-coated snowflake nail design! For those in search for more restrained Holiday nail art designs, this one is perfect. It’s a chic interpretation of the season.

Check out more Holiday nail art designs here.


Try This Cute Candy Cane Nails Tutorial To Match Your Holiday Look

Whether you use it as a design, a Christmas tree ornament or a snack for younger guests, having candy canes around during the Yuletide season makes it more fun and exciting. Now, you can wear it on your nails, too. Plus having candy cane nails will look awesome with those fluffy Christmas sweaters!

Learn how to recreate this design here.


Glamorous Christmas Nail Art Tutorial Perfect For The Season

Christmas Nail Art | Ultimate Easy Holiday Nail Art Designs For All Occasions

A tutorial on glamorous Christmas nail art is something you lovelies deserve. After dishing out a ton of holiday nail art design ideas, here’s something you can actually follow through. This is another easy to do DIY without, of course, sacrificing the sophistication. Get ready to uncover your artistry prowess. Check out the tutorial here.


Easy & Pretty Snowflake Nails Tutorial

Snowflake Nails | Ultimate Easy Holiday Nail Art Designs For All Occasions

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, right? I’m far from over dishing the best holiday nail art as I share with you a snowflake nails tutorial. This is a fairly easy design to do. Even a budding nail junkie can hack this! I know you’re excited. Check out the tutorial here.


Fun & Yummy Gingerbread Man Nail Art Tutorial You Can Do With Your Kids

Getting intricate designs might be a bit much for kids. How about trying out this yummy gingerbread man nail art instead? You can even add a Santa hat to get a Christmas inspired nail art!

Learn how to recreate this cute design here.


Cutest Heart Nail Designs For Teens Perfect for the Holidays

Nothing says “golden heart” more than encapsulating it in golden beads. You don’t need any other details because the heart itself has become a wonderful focal point for the entire nail art design. Besides, red and gold have always been partners when it comes to Christmas colors.

When it comes to Christmas, snowflakes and golden ornaments are must-haves. Add a cute heart in the design and you’ve got yourself an elegant holiday manicure. I just love the small details in this design!

I have to say, this dotted heart design is my favorite in this list. It’s simple and easy to do. You only need different shades of red and pink and a dotting tool or a toothpick to recreate this design. It’s doable for teens as well.

See more cute heart designs here.

Party-Ready Metallic Nails For Winter Gatherings 


Wear these metallic nails for your Christmas or New Year’s party and you’ll definitely get kissed! After all, isn’t Winter a time for festivities and magical romances? Recreate this awesome manicure with this tutorial.


17 Amazingly Cool Snow Globe Nails Perfect For The Holidays

You can use all types of colors but white snow globes are something to see. Pair it with white nails and some crystals and you’ve got yourself an elegant-looking manicure.

If you’re going to incorporate water (or baby oil) into your nail art, then you can’t not have an under the water theme! This would also go great with mermaid tail nails on your other pointers. Isn’t this like an upgraded version of aquarium nails.

Snow globes and mistletoes are such a romantic combination. Maybe you can steal a kiss or two from your loved one if you raise your hands while wearing this nail art design! Such an awesome additional Christmas decoration!

Check out more cool snow globe nails here.


13 Adorable Thanksgiving Nails To Gush Over During Dinner

When it comes to Autumn, there are two things that stand out for me – the cool weather and those delicious pumpkin spice lattes! The cold makes me bring out those comfy knitted sweaters from the back of my closet to wrap myself in. Add in a cup of the holiday drink, someone to cuddle with and I’m golden!

The Pilgrims and Puritans played a vital role in the first ever Thanksgiving feast. Offering the turkey as well as the feast to natives was a way to broker peace in an unknown land. Now, November 24 brings families together for a time to gives thanks for the blessings they received. This cute design has its turkey dressed as a Pilgrim to commemorate the first ever Thanksgiving dinner all those years ago.

These Autumn nails make me feel like jumping into a huge pile of crunchy, multi-colored leaves! Wouldn’t it be fun to bring the kids outside before dinner and jump around the yard full of leaves? Of course, you just have to make sure the turkey and pie won’t burn.

See more adorable Thanksgiving nails here!


Gold Nails With Mint Accent Tutorial For Your Thanksgiving Party

Gold Nails With Mint | Ultimate Easy Holiday Nail Art Designs For All Occasions

You won’t go wrong with gold nails for your epic Thanksgiving party! I’m super excited to share with you, my tutorial. Learn how to make classy golden nails with a mint French tip with this tutorial!


Cute Halloween Nails Perfect For Trick Or Treat!

Halloween nails are not just limited to dark colors. This charming design just goes to show that these can be colorful and dainty too.

Frankenstein is not only a solid horror movie character but it can also make up for cute Halloween nails.

Blood dripping may be the farthest thing you can associate with the word delightful but the image above surely screams cute Halloween nails. I have this tutorial of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit nail art very similar to this design, I’m sure you can use it to recreate this one.

See more cute Halloween designs here!


Halloween Nails Tutorial | Super Easy Tim Burton Inspired Nail Design

Halloween Nail Designs Ultimate Easy Holiday Nail Art Designs For All Occasions

Who says Halloween nails need to be dark and creepy? Try this Tim Burton-inspired design and make your friends gush over your manicure this Halloween! Learn how here!


Glow In The Dark Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

Halloween nail art will never be complete without the ones that creep you out for days. Don’t get me wrong. I mean this in a good way. After featuring cute nail designs for Halloween, it’s now time to try something that speaks volume of how spooky this time of the year is. In this post, here’s a tutorial on how to create a glow in the dark design perfect for trick or treat.


Flaunt Your Favorite Pokemon Characters With These Cute Nail Designs

Can’t decide which of Pikachu’s friends you want on your nails? Put four of your favorite ones on each nail!

This cute design by JauntyJuli has Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander on four fingers and a classic Pokeball on the thumb!

Even your toenails deserve some Poke-love, too! This pedicure of Pikachu and Poliwrath from Instagram user chidumi is really cute!

Who says Pokemon characters are the only ones that can be made into 3D designs? This slightly weird yet amazing nail art has a perfectly round Pokeball that will surely make people’s heads turn!

See more Pokemon designs for your Halloween costume here.


Complete Your Back To School Outfits With These Cute Nude Nail Designs

Nail marbling has been a thing recently and it would be a shame to not wear it because of restrictions in school. This design from Polish Me Pretty Nail Bar combines nude manicure with nail marbling without being too over-the-top.

If you want to try something new, add a gold accent to your nude nails like this design!

Be a bit more daring with your back to school outfit. This studded pink nude design is perfect for girls with a rock star slumbering inside for them!

See more nude nail designs you can do for that first back to school!

17 Stunning Homecoming Dance Nail Ideas

Matte and negative space will definitely give you a modern, edgy look! This would go well with a sparkly black dress, don’t you think?

Special events, especially school dances, deserve some sparkle. This design has just the right amount of bling to catch people’s attention without going over the top.

These nails are so ready for you to get that Homecoming crown! Holo looks amazing on any hand and adding rhinestones makes it even classier!

See more nail art ideas for Homecoming here.


[Tutorial] Easy Easter Nail Design

No Easter is complete without bunnies and eggs, right? So check this easy tutorial of Easter nail design! Get ready to add some fun and sweet touch on your nails! Learn how to do this here.


[Tutorial] Enchanting Easter Nail Design

Want to have those fun and colorful eggs on your nails? Check out this enchanting Easter nail design tutorial on how to have egg-stra cute nails! Just follow the tutorial to recreate this design.


Celebrate International Beer Day With These Cute Nail Art Ideas

Who can resist the golden frothy goodness of a cold glass of beer? This simple but cute design really hit the mark. Check out more spot-on designs for International Beer Day here.


DIY |Celebrate National Hot Dog Day With This Easy Food Nail Art Design

Get into the food nail art design trend with an absolutely cute hot dog manicure that’s perfect for Hot Dog Day! Learn how to paint this American classic with this tutorial.


DIY | Celebrate National Sisters Day With This Frozen Nail Art

Make this year’s National Sisters Day more memorable for your little sister or daughters with this amazing nail art! Bake some cookies, put on Frozen and celebrate Elsa and Anna’s sisterly bond with this nail design!


Celebrate International Coffee Day With These Cute Nail Art Ideas

Stamp your love for coffee with this design. You can find this template in your favorite store.

A cup of coffee and coffee beans scream international coffee day. Add a touch of sparkles for added glam.

This nail art will definitely remind you of your favorite barista’s creativity. See more awesome International Coffee Day nail designs here.


20 Fun 4th Of July Nail Designs To Show Your Love For America

Here’s another take on the flag design. Instead of creating precise lines, however, Spellbound Nails used the drip technique to give it a more fluid look.

Not over the polka dots theme yet? Here’s another polka dot idea you can try.

Tons of glitters are used in Nailed The Polish’s 4th of July nail art designs. See how clean and polished this one looks? It’s elegant and sparkly.

See more 4th of July designs here.


4th of July Nail Design | Easy & Cool Nail Art to Celebrate The Holiday

The 4th of July anymore might have been done but this year’s election definitely brought out the patriotism in all of our hearts! This easy and cool 4th of July nail design to show your love for the USA. Try this tutorial here.

Fun Mix and Match Birthday Nail Art Tutorial

It’s your birthday! Thinking of cool birthday nail art you can sport on your special day? I got you covered as I dish out this cool nail art tutorial you can mix and match. This nail art definitely spells celebration.


Check out this tutorial I made for your next Fall nails! This is a perfect addition for your easy holiday nail art designs idea bank!

To some, fashion is just about pretty clothes.Those who are passionate about it know far better! Special occasions also give you a chance to really try your hand at creating a look that’s uniquely yours! I hope you find this post useful for the upcoming holidays. Try to recreate some of these easy holiday nail art designs and let us know how great it turned out by leaving a comment below.

Always remember to stay charming and look fierce. Cheers!


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