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Simple Holiday Nails Ideas | 17 Holiday Nail Art Designs Too Pretty To Pass Up

Holiday nail art is always so much fun to do! It’s still fun to enjoy even when it’s past the season. Check out these super pretty holiday nail art designs you’ll want on your nails year round!

17 Holiday Nail Art Designs You’ll Want To Wear All Year

Don’t you love how we match our nails with the season we’re celebrating? Holiday nail art has become as essential as picking out the best outfit or makeup to wear during the season.

This post is a collection of pretty Holiday nail designs I have come across. They still remind us of the celebrations during the Christmas season, but they’re also chic and sophisticated. They’re just exactly my style. So prepared to be inspired by all the shimmers and sparkles!

1. Christmas Sparkles

Manicure with snowflakes on your nails | Holiday Nail Art Designs

It might not have red as its dominant color, but this nail art is hard to miss as a Holiday design. This nail art has me thinking of a beautiful winter night with some falling sparkling snowflakes!

2. Simple and Elegant Snowflakes

Milky Nails Winter Design Snowflakes Manicure Nails | Holiday Nail Art Designs

Love snowflakes? Try this white snowflake nail design! This one is perfect for those looking for a simpler nail art design on Holiday. You’ll love its beautiful interpretation of the season.

3. Winter Wonderland French Tips

French Tips And Snowflakes | Holiday Nail Art Designs

If you love your French tips and can’t get rid of them, don’t worry! Instead, add glitter and a snowflakes design to spruce your favorite manicure. It’s still your go−to mani but in version 2.0!

4. Nail Gift Wrap

Nail Gift Wrap | Holiday Nail Art Designs

Fancy a gift? How about a nail gift wrap? This one is among the easiest Holiday nail designs. Nevertheless, it looks just amazing as the other more complex ones.

5. Christmas Holly

Christmas Holly | Holiday Nail Art Designs

Deck your nails with this Christmas holly! Cute beautiful Christmas design gel nail art painting holly fruits, wreath on sparkling gold glitter color, red line on green polish. This one is another play at interpreting the festivities awaiting us.

6. Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Nail Art Design | Holiday Nail Art Designs

Can’t get over those pretty lights? Put them on your nails! You can use studs in your favorite colors or opt for the usual Christmas colors to come up with the light bulbs.

7. Classy & Elegant Christmas Tree

Classy & Elegant Christmas | Holiday Nail Art Designs

Love black? Whoever said Holiday nail art designs should only have red, green, and gold? There’s no rule just as long as it still gives the holiday vibe like this fancy piece.

8. French Tips And Snowflakes

French Tips And Snowflakes | Holiday Nail Art Designs

Here’s another play with the ever-reliable French tips. Jazz them up with a blue tip and snowflakes. Just look at this design, and you’ll be mesmerized!

Are you interested in this holiday nail art design? Then, follow this tutorial on your nails!

9. 3D Christmas Tree

3D Christmas Tree | Holiday Nail Art Designs

Love 3D designs? Here’s a studded nail art design that will blow everyone away this Christmas! You only need two different shades of green polish and gold studs and stars for this design!

10. Candy Cane Nails

 Candy Cane Nail Art Design | Holiday Nail Art Designs

On a diet but still can’t get over sweets? Donning easy holiday nail art designs like a candy cane can give your much-needed fix without all the bad stuff. So spoil yourself with this sweet treat!

11. Luscious Red Tree

Luscious Red Tree | Holiday Nail Art Designs

Please keep it simple with this minimalist Christmas tree design, but with a luscious twist. The silver glitter brings out the scarlet tree.

12. Christmas Wrap Inspored Christmas manicure with deer and snowflakes | Holiday Nail Art Designs

Why not look for inspiration straight from the Christmas wrappers? This nail art proves just how amazing the wrappers are when translated into Holiday nail art designs.

13. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland | Holiday Nail Art Designs

You’ll want to wear these Winter wonderland nails year-round because of their simplicity and elegance. The gradient background utilizes soft sky blue that warms you up during this cold season.

14. Frosty the Snowman

 Frosty the Snowman | Holiday Nail Art Designs

Is Frosty the Snowman one of your favorite lines from the holidays? Translate them into your nails with this awesome design. Bring out your artsy side as you draw the snowman.

15. Reindeer & Fair Isle

Reindeer & Fair Isle | Holiday Nail Art Designs

Here’s another set of Holiday nail art designs that screams Christmas. Reindeers and fair isle patterns are permanent fixtures of the season. Thus, this collection wouldn’t be complete without them. The addition of sheer glittery nail polish over the gold sparkle is the perfect icing on this pretty art.

16. Reindeer Nails

 Reindeer Christmas festive nail art | Holiday Nail Art Designs

Santa Claus’ little helpers, the raindeers, would always have a special place during the holidays. So it’s only fitting to honor them with their own Holiday nail art design like this one.

17. Fuzzy Santa Suit French Tips

Fuzzy Santa Suit French Tips | Holiday Nail Art Designs

Is simplicity your thing? Don’t let the season stop you from donning it! Then make it more interesting by adding a fuzzy French tip to resemble Santa’s Suit. Everyone – from your grandma to your little nieces – will love this design!


Here are more Holiday nail art designs from Cute Polish.

Christmas is all about celebrations and festivities. So, it’s best to match your nail design aesthetics around that theme. These are but some of the prettiest Holiday nail art designs available.

You can look for more holiday nail art designs not included in this list. Don’t forget to share them with me in the comments section below!

Apart from this Holiday nail art design post, here’s a collection of gorgeous glittery nail gems you can wear for Christmas.

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