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Easy Pink and Black Nails Tutorial Using Sponge Technique

Try these easy pink and black nails using a makeup sponge to get sassy nails with a touch of cuteness!

Be Sassy With This Pink And Black Nails Using Only A Sponge

I love pink! But I also love black polish. To solve my dilemma I thought of combining the two shades. Who would have thought pink and black nails would look perfect? Then again, complementary colors have always been attractive. These pink and black nails would surely help you achieve that sassy look with a touch of sweetness.


What you’ll need for your sassy pink and black nails:


Step 1: White Base

After cleaning your nails and coating them with a base coat, apply white nail polish as a base. This will help make your polish stand out later on. You can also opt to forgo the base color, however, I personally suggest using it for better results.

Easy Pink and Black Nails Tutorial Using Sponge Technique

Step 2: Pink and Black Layers

Dab on two separate layers of black polish on a triangular makeup sponge. On the space between the black polish, add one line of hot pink nail polish. You don’t have to worry about the colors mixing together because that’s what you want to happen on your nails. This should turn out as a black and pink ombre style.

Easy Pink and Black Nails Tutorial Using Sponge Technique

Step 3: Start Dabbing

Right after applying the polish on the sponge, dab it on one nail. Make sure that it’s placed across your nails to make them appear like horizontal lines. You can try the rolling technique where you slowly roll our nail from one side to the other. This technique helps you cover the entire surface of your nail. Work on one nail at a time, adding another coat on the sponge for the next one. Put on two to three coats until you achieve the coverage you want.

Easy Pink and Black Nails Tutorial Using Sponge Technique

Step 4: Easy Cleanup

After you’ve gotten the coverage that you want, it’s time to clean up! Using a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover, wipe off the excess polish on the sides of your nails. Another technique that you can do to make cleaning even easier for you is to use liquid latex. You’ll only have to peel the dried latex after you’re done applying the polish.

Easy Pink and Black Nails Tutorial Using Sponge Technique

Step 5: Coat and Protect

Of course, you don’t want your new manicure to chip right away. Apply a top coat not only to protect your newly minted nail art but to make it shine as well.


Voila! Now you’re ready to show off your new pink and black nails!



Watch the full video tutorial of these sassy pink and black nails from My Little Pleasures below.

I have always thought pink and black nails are incredibly pretty! It’s attractive to the eyes and can work for any kind of mood. The design also works for both girly and tomboyish women. It’s such a sassy combination of colors as well. Share your thoughts about this design in the comments section below!

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