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Chic Pink and White Nail Designs Tutorial

Is pink and white nail designs your thing? Your lucky stars have aligned today as I’m sharing with you a tutorial featuring a nail art in this color palette. This is one of the easiest designs you could don. Nonetheless, the depth of artistry and creativity is very much alive in this featured pink and white nail designs.

Chic Pink and White Nail Designs Tutorial

Girly or not, I’m sure pink would always be our go-to color. The variety of hues covering pink is so wide there’s surely a shade for everyone. If you want to go bold and make a statement, you can always opt for pink in brighter shades. If you want a subtle and demure kind of pink, there are many soft shades as well.

White is another favored nail polish color. It basically goes with anything. Its simplicity is also not to be undermined considering its sophistication.

For this particular pink and white nail designs tutorial, I’ll be showcasing just how lovely it is to marry these two favorite hues. It also features flowery design, which is the perfect accent to the otherwise simple polish. I can almost see you grin just with this description.

This pink and white nail designs can form part of your dependable stash of nail art. It’s so versatile you can wear them practically anytime, anywhere. However, it’s most lovely to wear during special occasions like weddings, proms or formal parties. I’ve already tried this on some of my most loyal clients, and they have been raving about it for days. They’re crazy about how gorgeous the design looks on their nails!

Ready for this light and floral nail art? Prepare the following items for this pink and white nail designs:

Step 1:

Paint the nails with base coat using the light pink and light gold nail polish. For this particular pink and white nail designs, all fingers except the middle one were painted with the light pink polish. The middle finger was then painted with a light gold nail polish.

Chic Pink and White Nail Designs Tutorial

Step 2:

Combine the green and brown nail polish to create a taupe-like color. To this, add a little bit of the white nail polish just to create substance to the mixture. The goal is to create a really subtle brown color.

Step 3:

Create swirls using the mixed color. You can use the thin brush to make this particular design. For design inspiration on how to go about with the swirls, just imagine the weeping willow and recreate how its branches seem to flow.

Step 4:

Add the brown, green and white nail polish mixture to the light pink nail polish. The new color combination will result to a softer and more demure hue that looks more like white with a slight hint of pink.

Chic Pink and White Nail Designs Tutorial

Step 5:

Create petals using the new color combination. The drawing need not be perfect. Just go ahead and paint small petals stemming from the swirls previously created. Draw as many flowers as you want or can.

Step 6:Finish off by adding gems at the center of the flowers. The gems add more interest and depth to the stunning pink and white nail designs. Finally, add a top coat.

Do you need more help in doing this design? Here’s a step by step guide from Robin Moses Nail Art:

It’s stunning and very easy to do, right? There’s absolutely no reason for you not to be able to recreate this pink and white nail designs.

It’s amazing how something so complex looking can be done in a breeze. If you liked this tutorial, there’s so much more nail art you can easily replicate. See more ideas here!

Do you have other nail art ideas in this color combination? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Visit my Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook page as well for more wonderful nail design ideas.

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