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Holographic Shattered Glass Nail Art Spot-On For New Year’s Eve | Tutorial

We all need some fireworks this New Year’s Eve, and I’m bringing some into your nails with a holographic shattered glass nail art tutorial .Who wouldn’t be excited about something so fancy? This is the kind of nail design you would surely love to wear as you celebrate the coming of the New Year! Read through and be amazed by how easy this is.

Be Life of the Party with This Shattered Glass Nail Art

Can you believe it’s only a few days more before we welcome a new year? Where did all the time go? It’s around this time when I usually prepare myself to list down some New Year’s resolutions, and mentally kick myself to go out there and actually do what’s on my list. By now, I also feel so guilty about not being able to cut back on all those yummy chocolatey goodies! But hey, I got some back up plan on how to get my sort of flat stomach.

Anyway, with the New Year’s party looming, I have an amazing holographic shattered glass nail art we lovelies can sport. They’re cool, funky, stylish and very tasteful so you would definitely drool over this. I’ve already tried sporting this nail design a few days ago and people were raving about how gorgeous my nail art is! I know you will too.

Read on and find out how you too can have this holographic shattered glass nail art for your New Year’s Eve party.


For this dazzling nail art, you will need the following:

Before you even begin this nail art, make sure that your nails are all prepped properly. Also make sure to put some base coat to make sure your nails remain healthy and would not chip.


Step 1: Paint peel-off base coat

Painting your nails with a peel-off base coat will ensure that you can easily take off the nail art if in case there’s something about it you want to redo. In the same manner, it also allows easy peel-off once you’re done with the holographic shattered glass nail art design and would want to have something else. Make sure to cover the entire nail.

Holographic Shattered Glass Nail Art Spot-On For New Year’s Eve | Tutorial

Step 2: Black base color

Next up is the use of the black nail polish. Black will serve as the base color of this holographic shattered glass nail art. It’s the perfect background to bring out the pop of color from the iridescent cellophane and holographic top coat.


Step 3: Brush holographic top coat

Creating maximum wow effect for this shattered glass nail art lies with the holographic top coat. It gives the design a different depth and dimension making it even astonishing. Brush your nails with at least two coats of the holographic top coat.


Step 4: Attach iridescent cellophane

It’s now time to paste the iridescent cellophane on to the nails. Make sure you do this while the holographic top coat is still wet. The cellophane is what gives this shattered glass nail art the actual glass effect. Reminder: attach the iridescent cellophane one at a time. Cut the edges to make them look perfect.

Holographic Shattered Glass Nail Art Spot-On For New Year’s Eve | Tutorial

Step 5: Seal with top coat

To protect your shattered glass nail art, seal it with a glossy top coat. This ensures that the iridescent cellophane stays in place. Plus it gives your nail design an amazing finish.

For a more detailed tutorial, check this video from Simply Nailogical:

This shattered glass nail art is truly a thing of beauty! You’ll surely be the standout of the party with this nail design coupled with this chic hairstyles, cute outfits and amazing makeup!

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Are you thrilled to try this holographic shattered glass nail art? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Visit my Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook page as well for more wonderful nail design ideas.

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