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10 Holographic Nails You Need To Check Out

If you’re looking to spice up your nail art designs, try holographic nails! They’re shiny, shimmery and whimsical enough to make you feel like royalty. Since metallic or chrome nails took the nail world by storm different types of shiny, shimmery nail designs came out and now holographic nails are trying to steal the show!

10 Holographic Nails That Will Rock Your World

There are a lot of amazing nail art designs out right now. However, people tend to come back to glitters and shimmers when they want to spice up their manicures. I, myself, am a huge fan of shimmery polish that sparkle in the right light.

Thank God lacquer companies have taken the glitter game a step higher. The nail art world has become more interesting with the emergence of holographic nails! You can get them in polish form or powder.

Although they already look perfect on their own, these polishes also look amazing when used as either a base or an accent in nail art designs. They look even better when partnered with an awesome outfit and makeup.

Check out these cool holographic nails that you can try for your next manicure!


1. Pink Holo

Pink is another favorite holo shade of mine, as well as for a lot of people. It’s sparkly, bright, and just perfect to stare at all day! There are other colors available right now. I also recommend the blue and lavander shades.


2. Classic

If you’re new to the holo game, then this silver holo manicure is the best way to experiment with. Holographic nails can be silver-based with tinges of other colors for an intense sparkle. Personally, I think this manicure looks way better on long nails.


3. Christmas Nails

Christmas is always associated with shiny things – decorations, gifts and more – that’s why holographic nails work perfectly for your Christmas nails. It also makes an otherwise common Santa Clause nail art more interesting.


4. Valentine Nails

The day of love deserves more than just red nails. This design turned the heart into a holo instead of just painting it with some normal red lacquer. The holo made this Valentine nails more interesting, don’t you think?


5. Homecoming Nails

Crystals and nail gems are a staple for girls’ homecoming nails. Take things a step further with holographic polish. With the perfect hair, dress, makeup and nails,  you’ll the belle of the ball!


6. Rainbow Sharpie Swirls

If you love quirky designs, add a Sharpie swirl to your holo base. Choose a different color for each finger to make a rainbow. This psychedelic design is so trippy but so good!


7. Black Nail Foils

Holo nails don’t have to be from actual polishes or powder. You can also use nail foils to create awesome holographic nail art. This one looks like the night sky on a clear summer’s day.


8. Black Holo Witch

This awesome holographic polish is a collaboration project between FUN Lacquer and Simply Nailogical. There are six shades in the collection but this one is my favorite. This is reportedly 100% black holo glitter in a clear base. I love it!


9. Holo Splatter

If you can make a Sharpie swirl, then a holo splatter can be done, too! This can be done with stamps or you can draw these splatters yourself. Either way, you’ll get an awesome nail art with some holo.


10. Holo Stamp

Another way to have fun with holo is through stamps. There are a lot of designs for the stamps and this one used a zigzag design for its design on a black base. You can also try wavy lines or pinstripes depending on what you want.


Compare holographic nails using gel polish and normal polish with this video by holo obsessed Simply Nailogical.

Holographic nails come in all colors and intensity. You’re definitely going to love these a bit better than your favorite glitter top coat. You can even try the different colors out right now.

I’m so curious to see how you’ll wear your holographic nails. Tell me your experience in the comments section below!

This muted grey magnetic bracelet will go perfectly with your new holographic nails!

Muted Grey Metallic Bracelet

How about a more metallic nail art? Learn more about chrome nails here.


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