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Get Gorgeous Squoval Nails At Home | Nail Designs Tutorial

Having squoval nails is a must-have today. Learn how to get squoval nails with these tutorials.

Learn How To Get Squoval Nails With These Easy Tutorials

The term squoval was coined from two words – oval and square, and it’s designed to point out to a particular nail shape that has rounded edges on square nails. If you have oval or square nails and you want to try something new, it’s high time to try a new nail shape – a squoval nail. It’s relatively easy to make, regardless if your nail was previously oval or square-shaped. Here are easy tutorials on how to get squoval nails.

What You’ll Need To Get Squoval Nails:

From Oval Nails To Squoval Nails:

Step 1: Flatten The Top Of The Oval Nail

To have a squoval-shaped nail, all you have to do is flatten the top of your oval-shaped nail. Do this until you get the shape you desire.

Step 2: Refine The Edges Of Your Squoval Nails

Blend the flat top and rounded edges by running the nail file around the nail. Run the nail file from the rounded edge to the center and repeat the process until you have the clean edges you like. Make sure the nail file is at 45-degree angle.

Step 3: Remove Remaining Nail Shavings

Remove the remaining nail shavings by putting the nail file against the tip of the nail. Use upward motions to remove the shavings.

Classic nude nails + french tips and a little bit of dazzle! (📸 by: nailbar_mk)

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From Square Nails To Squoval Nails

Step 1: Angle The Nail File Toward You


Make sure the nail file is angled toward you. This will help you get the shape you like better and faster.

Step 2: File Across The Nail

File across the nail until you have the shape you like. Just make sure you take the corners off the square nail to create a squoval-shaped nail.

Step 3: Wipe The Nail To Remove Any Nail Residue


Wipe the nail to remove the remaining nail shavings and viola; you now have squoval nails. Try squoval nails with any design you like!

Now here’s a dainty line #naildesign! Aren’t they the cutest? (nails by: ns_by_anna_segeda)

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Be Inspired With These Nail Designs On Squoval Nails:

1. Simple French Tip On Squoval Nails

No one will ever go wrong with a simple French tip on squoval nails – they’re elegant and classy! You won’t need many colors, too.

2. Geometric Style On Squoval Nails

Today, geometric-styled nails are trendy. The geometric design and sorbet hues are unique and flawless, which are perfect for any season.

3. Mermaid-Inspired Nail Design

Get your inner-Ariel into life with mermaid-inspired mani on squoval nails. Aside from being cute and girly, this design is a must-try for every Disney Princess by heart.

4. Macro Flower Nail Art On Squoval Nails

Summer is over, but flower nail designs are still “in”! Get your macro flower nail art to complement your squoval-shaped nails.

5. Marble Design On Squoval Nails

Marble is a truly trending nail art design you should not miss. It’s elegant and cute at the same time. Plus, it looks complicated to do, but it’s effortless and easy to make.


Viola! You now have your squoval nails. Watch the full tutorial in this video by loodieloodieloodie:

You can now have squoval nails without going to the salon. It’s easy to do, and you won’t need any other materials aside from your dependable nail file. Don’t forget to show me how it goes in the comments section below!

Squoval nails aren’t the only shapes you can do. Check out this tutorial to learn more about nail shapes.

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