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Oval Nails | Fast & Easy Step by Step Nail Designs Tutorial

Get amazingly perfect oval nails with these super easy steps! After all, amazing nail art starts with the best nail shapes!

Get Perfectly Oval Nails With This Easy Tutorial

Although long nails look amazing for pretty nail art, perfectly shaped oval nails can be quite lovely as well.

Whenever I get too busy with daily activities to spend an adequate amount of time doing my nails, I always go for an easy shape for my nails. And of course, oval nails are just right! They also match casual and laid back outfits. 

Let me share with you these super easy steps to get perfectly oval nails!


What you’ll need to get amazing oval nails:


Step 1: Shape The Sides

Starting with a square tip, gently file the sides of your nail until it becomes rounded. Use the side of the nail file with the 180 grit to give it more teeth. Also, make sure that you file in one direction only as this will help you control shaping your nails.

Follow the same procedure on the other side of your nail until you get a semi-oval shape.

Step 2: Shape The Top

Once you’ve gotten just the right shape for the sides, continue filing the top of the nail. This is where you can finalize the shape of your oval nails.

Added tip: start shaping your nails only when they’re a bit grown out already as filing them may take quite a bit of length from your nails.

Step 3: Moisturize Your Oval Nails

Once you’ve gotten your oval nails, apply cuticle oil on your nails to moisturize them. You can also use a base coat if you plan on creating a new nail art design.

Still, can’t decide what design you want on your oval nails? Why not try this star-studded treat?


Watch this video tutorial from Cute Polish:

It’s important to know how to create different nail shapes, whether you want long or short nails. Try them all and find out which shape best fits your style later on. Don’t forget to let me know if this oval shape works well with your hands!

Did you enjoy making oval nails? Learn how to create stiletto nails here!

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