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[How-To] Tie-Dye Love Heart Nail Design

Up for some fun and colorful nails? You’ll definitely be inspired with this tie-dye love heart nail design by Twi_star.


[How-To] Tie-Dye Love Heart Nail Design

Swirling 60’s Colorful Nail Art

Add some hippie vibes on your nails with this easy step by step tutorial. You don’t have to buy hundreds of colors to art-ify your nails. With the help of acrylic paints, you’ll surely rock this 60’s hit!


What you’ll need:


Note: Clean and groom your nails first and always apply base coat before putting any nail polish.


Now, Let’s get started!

Step 1: Apply your base coat.

Apply a white nail polish as for your base color and follow with a top coat to protect it from the vinyl later on.

[How-To] Tie-Dye Love Heart Nail Design

Step 2 : Prepare your acrylic paint

Put a tiny amount of each color of the acrylic paints on a piece of paper and mix each color with a white acrylic paint to soften the hues.

[How-To] Tie-Dye Love Heart Nail Design

Step 3: Tie Dye Effect

Using the mixed blue and white acrylic paints with a thin brush, draw a swirling line for your guide on doing the tie-dye effect. Make some dashes out from the swirling line you just made. Repeat making dashes with the remaining colors.

Then, dab few darker purple color to the other to make a legit effect of a tie dye effect.

[How-To] Tie-Dye Love Heart Nail Design

Step 4: Heart Tie Dye

For your ring fingernail — Put on the heart-shaped nail vinyl gently on your nail. Then start to paint the same swirling line effect and finish it with the dashes to achieve the same tie dye effect.

Don’t forget to apply a top coat once dried and clean up for some excess using a makeup brush and nail polish remover.


And that’s it!

This just gives you all the hippie vibrancy! Perfect for a 60’s themed party!


Watch the full tutorial below:

How do you find your new mani? If you love old school and you want to match your retro look, these nails will be a sure show-stopper!

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