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10 Vegan Nail Polish Brands You Must Try

Vegan nail polish brands not only cater to certain advocacy, but its quality is on par with your traditional polishes. So if you want to support these brands, then here’s the best place to start.

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Vegan Nail Polish | Best Brands in the Market Today

1. 786 Cosmetics


786 Cosmetics is 100% vegan and halal, breathable and is clear from animal testing. The products are sold at a competitive price at $12.95 per polish and for a good reason.  Their polishes are composed of nourishing oils that will keep your nails healthy.

Top products:

  • Himalayas – Breathable Nail Polish
  • Meta – Breathable Nail Polish
  • Goychay – Breathable Nail Polish
  • Tripoli – Breathable Nail Polish
  • Petra – Breathable Nail Polish
  • Chefchaouen – Breathable Nail Polish

2. L.A. Girl


L.A. Girl nail polishes are one of the most affordable vegan nail polishes in the market today. Their featured polishes are sold for around $5 and are available in 60+ color shades.

Top products:

  • L.A. Girl Gel Extreme Shine
  • L.A. Girl Colorpop Nail Polish
  • L.A. Girl Liquid Chrome Nail Polish

3. Beauty Without Cruelty


Beauty Without Cruelty brand is one of the more established vegan nail polish brands and users commend this nail polish for its beautiful and long-lasting effect. Users also said they barely have any trouble with chipping. You can get these polishes for $18.

Top products:

  • Attitude Nail Colors .34 oz Candyfloss .34 oz
  • Attitude Nail Colors .34 oz Clear .34 oz
  • Attitude Nail Colors .34 oz Deepest Mullberry .34 oz
  • Attitude Nail Colors .34 oz Geranium .34 oz
  • Attitude Nail Colors .34 oz Gold .34 oz
  • Attitude Nail Colors .34 oz Heather Mist .34 oz

4. Ella+Mila

square long pink nails hole design | Vegan Nail Polish Brands You Must Try

Ella + Mila offers a wide array of vegan nail polishes and it shouldn’t be hard finding the perfect color for you. Moreover, their polishes are relatively affordable as it only costs $10.50.

Top products:

  • Honeymoon Bliss
  • Berry Much In Love
  • Time For A Bond Fire
  • Stuck On You
  • Sugar Fairy
  • Dulce Amor
  • La Vie En Rose
  • Naughty Not Nice

5. LVX


LVX has a long line of vegan nail polish shades that you will definitely adore. You can choose from 90+ shades and each polish is sold at $18.

Users just love their polishes as it don’t fade off on the tips quickly especially when typing on the keyboard, making this a great polish for the office.

Top products:

  • LVX Rouge
  • LVX Sanguine
  • LVX Coquillage
  • LVX Vanille
  • LVX Dorsay

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6. 100% Pure


Users love this polish brand for its smoothness. It also dries extremely fast and is so pigmented, optimizing the color of the polish.

Their polishes are priced at $14 per bottle.

Top products:

  • Creamy Polish: Crush
  • Creamy Polish: Soul Mate
  • Creamy Polish: Tart
  • Creamy Polish: Wedding
  • Creamy Polish: Watermelon
  • Creamy Polish: Gelato

7. Pacifica


Pacifica nail polish is best known for the color consistency of their polishes and its long-lasting properties. This polish is also formulated without phthalates (dibutyl phthalate), parabens, xylene, camphor, toluene, formaldehyde, and resin.

You can get this polish for $9.

Top products:

  • 7 Free Nail Polish
  • Milky Way Crystal Gloss 7 Free Top Coat
  • 7 Free Rainbow Gloss Top Coat



NCLA vegan nail polishes are gorgeous, but most importantly, is free from animal testing and harmful chemicals. Choose from 100+ polish colors which are priced from $16-$22.

Top products:

  • The Love Duo
  • Heart Attack
  • 75° Is Freezing In LA
  • PSL Season
  • Eat Pie, Drink Wine
  • Camo Is The New Black

9. Flower Beauty


Flower Beauty is a top-rated vegan nail polish brand that users love for ease of application. It only takes two coats to finish. What’s more, it is inexpensive as it only cost $3 per bottle.

Top products:

  • Flower Beauty Nail’d It Nail Lacquer
  • Flower Beauty Nail Flowers
  • Flower Beauty – Don’t Be A Wallflower
  • Flower Beauty – Make My Day Lily

10. Wet n Wild


Perhaps the most budget-friendly polish out there, the Wet n Wild line of nail polish only cost $1.19. Though you might think a lot of cost-cutting might be involved, users still like it for being shiny despite chipping fast.

You’ll totally get what you paid for with these drugstore nail polish.

Top products:

  • Wild Shine Nail Color – She Sells
  • Wild Shine Nail Color – Kaleidoscope
  • Wild Shine Nail Color – Blazed
  • Wild Shine Nail Color – Nuclear War
  • Wild Shine Nail Color – Do Pass Go
  • Wild Shine Nail Color – Grape Minds Think Alike
  • Wild Shine Nail Color – Putting On Airs

Want to learn more about vegan nail polish? Check out this video by SweetPotatoSoul:

Vegan nail polish is a great alternative to your traditional polishes that contain formaldehyde, which is an infamous carcinogen. Aside from protecting your nails from harmful chemicals, you can also get behind these companies that avoid testing their products on animals.

Which of these vegan nail polish do you like best? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!



  • Madeline
    Posted March 16, 2020 at 1:15 pm

    EMMA Beauty is $6.00 a bottle and is 13 free.

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