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[How-To] 3 Ways to No Mess Water Marble Nail Design

Have you tried water marble nail design before? If not, here’s a tutorial by Meliney on how to create an awe-mazing nails!

[How-To] 3 Ways to No Mess Water Marble Nail Design

Water Marbling White Feathers

We all know how messy water marble design is. So if you ran out of latex barrier and couldn’t get one from the shop, then this tutorial will show you three ways to lessen the mess that you get when doing water marble. How? Just follow the easy steps listed below and let’s begin!



[How-To] 3 Ways to No Mess Water Marble Nail Design


Step 1. Basic

Always apply a base coat to protect your nails before painting them with a clear glittered nail polish.

Tip: If you find it difficult to place the glitter onto your nails, your best option is to use a sponge. It will definitely absorb the excess polish and dab the glitters onto your nails.


Step 2. Water Marbling

With a cup filled halfway with water, drop some white nail polish and top coat until you have a target-like effect. Drag the the rings horizontally in a back and fourth motion across the cup using a dotting tool. Repeat this motion but this time do it vertically.

[How-To] 3 Ways to No Mess Water Marble Nail Design

Way #1 Nail Wipes

For Way #1, Dip your nail in a concentrated area with vertical lines. Clear the nail polish around your nail with a cotton buds then you can take your finger out of the water. Clean up the mess using nail pads soaked with nail polish remover.


Way #2 Nail Form

For Way #2, do the same step in water marbling. Attached a nail form before you dip your nails into the water. Dip your nails into the water and clean up the excess polish around your nails. Take your finger out of the water then remove the nail form.


Way #3 Sticky Tape

For Way # 3, Use a sticky tape and put it around your nails before dipping it into the water. Once you take it our from the water, remove the tape carefully. You will see that this method refrains your whole fingers from being messy.

[How-To] 3 Ways to No Mess Water Marble Nail Design

Step 3. Top Coat

Apply a top coat to smooth out everything and seal in your design.


And there you go!

Less mess even without latex. Simple right?


Watch the video tutorial below:

You just saved a few bucks and who would’ve thought you can use things at home to help you create a masterpiece on your nails. You can also experiment doing this nail design with different colors. Try to recreate it and tell us how it went by leaving comments below. Have fun!


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