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Cute 3D Cupcake Nail Art Even Ladies Want | Nail Designs Tutorial

Who isn’t crazy about 3D cupcake nail art? I mean, seriously! It’s one of the cutest nail art ever, and it knows no age. This is absolutely a favorite among many regardless of whether they’re in their teens or say, late 40s. I should know because I’ve had the chance to paint them on my customers’ nails coming from a wide range of age groups. It’s only fitting to share with you a tutorial of the ever yummy 3D cupcake nail art so you can only recreate it in the comfort of your homes.

Taste This Delish 3D Cupcake Nail Art

Everyone I know is a sucker for sweets. There’s penchant for chocolates, desserts, candies, cakes and my personally favorite, the cupcakes. Life is indeed made more beautiful with these sweet treats. In honor of my favorite dessert, I’ve decided to dish to you a tutorial on 3D cupcake nail art. They’re fun and cool way to bring your nails to life.

I’ve donned the 3D cupcake nail art several times before. I’ve worn it during my past three birthday celebrations, my parents’ birthdays, and basically on days when I just need a pick me upper. There’s no need to limit this nail design to a specific occasion.

Ready to bake your own 3D cupcake nail art? Here are the things you’ll be needing:


Follow these super easy steps to create this fab and yummy 3D cupcake nail art:

Step 1: Apply base coat

Never forget to protect your nails with a base coat. For this design, Nutra Nail Green Tea Nail Strengthener was used to shield the nails from chipping or breaking. A nail design, no matter how gorgeous, is still nothing if your nails are not healthy enough.

Step 2: Paint base color

Paint the nails with a muted green polish as the base color. OPI Mermaid Tears works best for this 3D cupcake nail art.

Cute 3D Cupcake Nail Art Even Ladies Want | Nail Designs Tutorial

Step 3: Place purple French tip

Create a French tip using a light purple nail polish (China Glaze Light as Air). Do the same thing to rest of your fingers except for the index finger. For the last one, create a French tip by applying the yellow nail polish (China Glaze Lemon Fizz).

Cute 3D Cupcake Nail Art Even Ladies Want | Nail Designs Tutorial

Step 4: Make a thin line

Use a thin brush to line the edge of the French tip you just did. On top of the black line, swipe over it the silver nail polish to add more detail to your 3D cupcake nail art. The silver polish need not really be apparent. It just has to give a hint of glow.


Step 5: Add 5 dots

It’s now time to focus on the cupcake. Create five medium sized dots using your biggest dotting tool. Place two on top and three dots just below the first two. Don’t worry if the dots seem to mix together. This is how things should go.

Cute 3D Cupcake Nail Art Even Ladies Want | Nail Designs Tutorial

Step 6: Create cupcake design

Use a detail brush to draw the bottom half of the cupcake. First, make a square using the China Glaze Foie Gras nail polish. This is the base of your 3D cupcake nail art. Add the details to it. Simply draw three black lines to mimic the look of the liner.


Step 7: Draw heart and add micro beads

It’s time to bring in the details of the 3D cupcake nail art. Draw a heart just at the center of the black and silver line earlier drawn. Start with a V shape and widen it to form a heart shape. Add in some colorful micro beads. This will resemble the sprinkles. To pick up beads, just dab a little clear polish and dip the tip of the dotting tool to get the beads out.

Cute 3D Cupcake Nail Art Even Ladies Want | Nail Designs Tutorial

Step 8: Finish with top coat

Once you’re done, add a layer of top coat to seal your design. This will protect all your hard work from getting chipped. It will also make the design look shinier.


And you’re all done!

Doesn’t this 3D cupcake nail art look not absolutely yummy? We can always unleash the kid in us with these kinds of nail designs.


Here’s the full tutorial from Meliney:

That wasn’t so hard now, was it? I know you’ll do great recreating this cute 3D cupcake nail art. While you’re at it, have some real cake to enjoy with it. You can also don this fun mix and match birthday nail art just in case you feel wearing it.


How do you like your new adorable 3D cupcake nail art? Tell me how it went by leaving a comment down below.  You can also visit my Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook page for more amazing nail design ideas and inspiration.

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