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How To Get Almond Nails | Step by Step Tutorial

Get almond nails with these easy steps! If you’re not into pointed stiletto nails but still want long nails, try this nail shape now!

Get Amazing Almond Nails With These Easy Steps

Maintaining long nails can be a hassle for people who constantly use their hands for various activities. Stiletto nails may get in the way or worse, break off in the process. I believe almond nails are the best shape to have if you want long nails at a reasonable length!

You can even grow your nails enough to shape your actual nails, although you can also create the shape using acrylic powder. Check out these easy steps now!

What you’ll need to get beautiful almond nails:

How To Get Almond Nails | Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: Shape Almond Nails With Nail Form

If you still have some polish left on your nails from a previous manicure, wipe it off with nail polish remover. If it’s an acrylic nail art, you can drill it down until it’s thin enough for a new layer.

To get the proper shape for your almond nails, attach a nail form to your finger. Using a small acrylic bead (in nude or pale pink shade) start sculpting the nail into the shape you want. An almond has a rounded base and a cone-shaped top, so keep that in mind while applying and shaping the acrylic bead.

It doesn’t have to be a perfect almond, you’ll be drilling and filing it to just the right shape later on.

Step 2: Pinch It Into Shape

Like the stiletto nails, almond nails need to be pinched on the sides while it dries. This will help keep the sides of the nails to be properly pinched and curved.

Step 3: Drill Down The Shape

Using the electric nail drill, start shaping the dried and pinched acrylic nails. Start from the top of the nail bed down to the nail edges. Slowly shape the edges to mimic the shape of an almond.

How To Get Almond Nails | Step by Step Tutorial

Step 4: File Nail To Perfection

Once you’ve drilled down the nails to the perfect almond shape, use a nail file to smoothen the nail bed and edges. Be careful in shaping the tip, don’t let it become too pointed.

How To Get Almond Nails | Step by Step Tutorial

Step 5: Top Coat

After drilling, wash your nails or wipe them down with lint-free wipes. Once they’re cleaned up and free of any dust, apply a base or top coat to strengthen the nails. The acrylic powder already has a pretty color but you can also apply a different shade of polish if you wish to. You can also apply cuticle oil to nourish your real nails under the acrylic. Remember: it’s important to keep your nails strong and healthy.

I love almond nails, for me it’s the most sophisticated nail shape there is:

Watch this video tutorial from Nail Career Education to get perfectly shaped almond nails.

Wasn’t that easy? After doing all of these steps, you’ll get gorgeous long nails that are beautifully pointed but still easy to handle.

Should you try to create almond nails with your own hands or your friend’s, don’t forget to share with me in the comments section below!

Almond nails are gorgeous but having long nails can be hard to maintain. Check out these long fingernail hacks next!

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