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Perfect Spring Nails: Mint Green Leopard Design [Tutorial]

Spring has officially sprung! So its time to wipe off those nude shades and opt for pretty bright colors  instead ; check out this easy mint green leopard nails from Janelle Estep:

[Tutorial] Mint Green Leopard Nails Perfect For Spring

Paint Your Nails With Leopard Attitude, but With Glitz and Glamour 

Everybody loves spring— I mean, who doesn’t? Spring can be the favorite season of some people who don’t like to beat-the-heat on summer or  who hate the winter chill. Spring for some people is a time to be glamorous. Why not? You can be glam with a touch of fierceness like a leopard. If you are up for it, then you’re in for a hot treat from us today! You’ll surely love this mint green nail tutorial below.






Step 1: Apply Base Coat

First, apply your base coat.

Perfect Spring Nails: Mint Green Leopard Design [Tutorial]

Step 2: Apply Mint Green Polish And Two Dots

For your thumb and pinky nails, apply mint green polish. To make a heart shape, apply two dots using a dotting tool. Then carefully drag the color down to make a heart shape. Do the same with the other nail you’ve polished with mint green.


Step 3: Apply Shimmery Brown Polish

For your index finger, apply two coats of shimmery brown polish.

Perfect Spring Nails: Mint Green Leopard Design [Tutorial]

Step 4: Make The Leopard Print

Apply mint green polish to your middle finger. Once done, apply dots with the beige polish, then followed by little c shapes around the beige dots using the black nail polish. Finish these leopard spots with little C shapes all over the spaces.


Step 5: Apply Shimmery Brown Polish 

For the ring finger, apply one coat of shimmery brown polish.


Step 6: Apply Glitter Polish

Let that dry and then apply two coats of copper glitter polish.

Perfect Spring Nails: Mint Green Leopard Design [Tutorial]

Step 7: Seal With Top Coat Nail Polish

Seal all your designs with a top coat.


And you’re all done!

Leopard prints and Mint Green nail polish are not a bad combination at all. Sometimes, one has to go beyond mainstream to be unique in style or design.


You can watch the full video tutorial below:

Now you’ve got nails as glamorous and fierce like a leopard! How do you like your newly painted nails? Tell us how it went by leaving a comment down below.

Did you try out these mint green leopard nails; tell us if you successfully pulled of this funky spring design in the comment section below.

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