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Long Fingernails Hacks For People Having A Hard Time Doing Chores

If you have long fingernails, you should really know some lifehacks to keep them from getting in your way during day-to-day tasks. Here are some of my go-to tips on living with long, clean, and beautiful nails.

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Dependable Long Fingernails Hacks to Stand By

Perks of Having Long Fingernails

There’s plenty of nail art you can do with short nails, but having longer ones give you a whole lot more options. For someone who’s so into pretty nails, it’s essential to have long fingernail hacks up my sleeves.

The list I’m sharing with you is based on personal experience, research, and tales shared with me by my clients. Yes, they’re tried and tested!

Are you excited about the possibility of your chores being unhampered by long nails? I feel you! No more sacrificing one over the other.

As a general rule, it helps if you’re super careful with doing practically everything. If you do things in a rush, there’s much more possibility you’re going to break or chip your nails.

If you currently have long nails, you probably know how awful it is to break one. It always breaks at the point where the nail meets the skin, so the breakage area becomes raw and overly-sensitive. It takes a long time to grow out again, and all of your other nails have to “wait up” for the broken one before you can keep growing them out.

Other than a general carefulness, here are long fingernails hacks you should remember.

1. Utilize Gloves and Cotton Balls

hand glove isolated over mint color | Long Fingernails Hacks For People Having A Hard Time Doing Chores

For tasks that require a light touch, like a lot of cooking or art, cotton balls are the way to go. They allow for a firm but soft touch, without putting your nails in danger of being bent or stained.

2. Tweezers Are Our Best Friends

black tip french manicure using tweezers | Long Fingernails Hacks For People Having A Hard Time Doing Chores

Are your cards (ATM, identification, license, membership) placed too deep in your wallet for you to get? Pack tweezers in your bag to help you grab those cards.

Are you having trouble opening container lids or tin cans? Then use tweezers to open them. See? Long fingernail hacks like this just needs a little imagination.

Here’s one you will definitely enjoy using. It will serve its true purpose of grooming your brows, and can also help you with your long nails problems.

3. Cards Are Lifesavers Too

portrait excited happy asian woman holding credit card | Long Fingernails Hacks For People Having A Hard Time Doing Chores

Don’t throw away those expired cards. They have more use to you than you can ever imagine. Long fingernails hacks dictate that cards are also useful when you need to open stuff like the back of your smartphone or your blush on perhaps.

The struggle may be real but you can certainly do something about it.

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4. A Spoon Becomes a Multi-Purpose Tool

There are some tasks that cards just can’t handle because they are not stiff enough. For instance, opening a soda can or peeling a piece of fruit. And for those tasks, a sturdy metal spoon becomes a godsend. Carry one around with you in your purse, and you’ll be able to get into tiny cracks and pull up without a problem.

I prefer a spoon to other utensils like forks or knives because of their tapered shape. Since the broad area of a spoon is curved, it’s easier to get leverage when prying something. Also, spoons do not have points that can puncture or damage other things while you carry them around.

5. Knuckles Are of Great Use

beautiful model girl shiny brown straight | Long Fingernails Hacks For People Having A Hard Time Doing Chores

You don’t have to sacrifice using hair products just to keep your nails pristine. Use your knuckles instead of your fingers to get and apply your favorite products.

All you have to do is fold your fingers, take the product from the jar using your knuckles, then onto your hair. This trick leaves your fingers clean, and no dirt is stuck under your nails.

6. Carrying Playing Cards Around Isn’t Weird

black tip french manicure holding playing card | Long Fingernails Hacks For People Having A Hard Time Doing Chores

You don’t have to know how to play cards for you to bring a single playing card around with you. Thin cards are of great use to scoop things since having long nails can make that very challenging.

The coins laying on the table or earrings on your cabinet are best picked up using playing cards. Try it and experience firsthand its wonders!

Need one now? Get it here!

7. Buy Reinforced Gloves

Water is one of the worst enemies of long nails. It softens the nails when they are submerged. Tasks like doing the dishes or washing your hair become nightmares, because you have to be even more careful during them.

Reinforced gloves to the rescue! You can get special plastic gloves with reinforced tips at most drugstores, meant especially for this purpose. They will keep your nails from getting wet at all. As a bonus, the tips are smooth so they will save you from poking your scalp in the shower.

Here’s Teresa Lara, Zhyna showing you how she’s doing things with long nails on:

There’s no need for you to get intimated by wearing long nails. Long fingernail hacks will help you get through the challenges.

With loads of nail designs for long nails available, you’ll certainly be interested in growing your nails. Don’t fret! It’s all good.

These long fingernails hacks will aid in making things a whole lot easier. It also helps if you have dependable people willing to do little things for you like picking up small items.

Which of these long fingernails hacks have you had success with? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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