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13 Bling Nail Designs For Shining Shimmering Splendid Nails

The world may be at a standstill and you may be in lockdown, but that doesn’t mean your nails have to shimmer down! You may not be able to throw a Gatsby-like celebration, but you can still be merry with bling nails!

Regardless of what’s happening, there are still 13 reasons (or maybe more) why you can beautify yourself and #blingiton with these rhinestones or Swarovski nail designs.

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13 Bling Nails to Wear for the #KanyeWestIsOverParty

1. Shine Bright Like A Diamond Nail Art

@youngnailsincRhinestone application 💎 ##youngnails ##nails ##foryoupage ##satisfying ##oddlysatisfying ##fyp ##rhinestones ##diamonds ##bling ##blingnails♬ Shine Bright Like a Diamond – Remix – Dj Macksteck

Baby pink stiletto nails and rhinestones make the perfect bling nails for the sweet and sassy. Oh! Make sure to use a dotting tool or toothpick when sticking on those blings.

2. Ombre Coffin Bling Nails


Don’t feel like painting or sticking on rhinestones? Press-on nails or acrylic tips are your solutions.

Opt for ombre shades so it isn’t so obvious you got lazy.

3. Bling Nails for the Sophisticated


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Glitter nail polish thrown in a pool of solid nail color is what a classy and minimalist nail artist would put on. Use gel polish ’cause it lasts longer and looks neater than regular.

4. Press-on Crystal and Pink Bling Nails


Okay, I admit, sticking rhinestones can be meticulous and tiring. But bling nails are just fab, I cannot not try them.

That’s why I’m grateful for press-on and glue-on nails like this crystal and pink design.

5. Bleachella Babe Confetti Nail Design

@youngnailsincTop coat reveal ##youngnails ##nails ##foryoupage ##satisfying ##oddlysatisfying ##fyp ##topcoat ##gelpolish ##nailart♬ Lottery – K Camp

Here’s another simpler approach to bling nails: confetti nail polish. Choose one that uses metallic-like strips so there’s more shimmer, and then go for the base color that best suits your mood!

6. Karyn, The Snake Bling Nail Design


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Now, for a challenging bling nail art, I’ve got a snake-themed one. It’s going to test your patience, precision, and light-handedness.

Rhinestones with varying colors are highly recommended!

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7. Gold Foil Bling for Nail

@youngnailsincSt. Patrick’s day inspiration 🍀 ##youngnails ##nails ##foryoupage ##satisfying ##oddlysatisfying ##fyp ##nailvideos ##nailtrends ##nailart ##gold ##goldleaf♬ I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

It’s time for the most famous bling in the world – gold! You can go full-on or just use the foils as an accent.

It would help to have a pair of small tongs for the application but a small brush will do, too.

8. Long Square Bling Nails with Swarovski


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There’s so much you can do on long square nails. What I have here features solid color polish, ombre nails, glitter polish, and Swarovski for bling.

9. RED Bling Nails

RED Bling Nails | Bling Nail Designs For Shining Shimmering Splendid Nails | bling nails | acrylic nails with bling

Polka dots and the color red are a classic combination. They were huge trends from the 1920s to the 1960s.

For a modern glow-up, this bling nail design added rhinestones.

10. Rose Gold Bling Nail Art


If you fell in love with the rose gold trend before, you’re gonna fall in love again, thanks to these cute bling nails. It even has gold stickers that look so dreamy!

11. Lover Bling Nails


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You need a lot of love in your heart to finish these coffin nails with bling. I find them the most intricate in this list.

So, seriously, tag on me on Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok when you succeed in doing this.

12. Disco Ball Bling Nails

Disco Ball Bling Nails | Bling Nail Designs For Shining Shimmering Splendid Nails | bling nails | bling up nails

Disco ball nails are the perfect match for simple outfits like the LBD.

Tip: If you have round nails, go for round stick-on or glitter. Of course, square nails go better with squares.

13. Mermaid Bling Nails


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This mermaid nail art is a magical representation of a love-filled era. Isn’t pretty?

Create it on your nails to welcome the better days to ahead.

There are varying levels of bling nails. You can start with one rhinestone per nail if you’re still learning—this way you don’t get overwhelmed.

And enjoy the process! You’ll be raising your glass in the end. 🙂

Which of these bling nail designs are you trying on yourself? Tell us your pick in the comments below!

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