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[TUTORIAL] High Fashion Nail Design: Quilted Matte Chanel Nails

Are you feeling super high fashion? Keep scrolling for the Quilted Matte Chanel Nails tutorial from Kelli Marissa.

[TUTORIAL] High Fashion Nail Design: Quilted Matte Chanel Nails

Easy Quilted Chanel Nail Design

If you love Chanel, get ready to fall in love with our next nail design tutorial. This nail art is easy — perfect nails for a date night or girls night-out! Let’s get on to the tutorial now, shall we?

You’ll need:


The Quilted Nails

You’re gonna have to do this to all your nails except the ring finger.

  1. Start with a base coat.
  2. Once it’s dry, paint your nails with the black polish.
  3. Wait for a few minutes then apply the matte top coat.
  4. As the polish begins to dry, you can see that it slowly becomes matte. Do not wait for it to be completely dry.
  5. Carefully use the flosser to create diagonal lines for the quilted effect on your nails.

[TUTORIAL] High Fashion Nail Design: Quilted Matte Chanel Nails

The Chanel Nail Decals

  1. On your ring finger, start with a base coat. Once it’s dry, apply the white polish.
  2. Cut-out the desired nail decal and dip in water for about 20 seconds. Next, carefully pull it out the water and gently slide it off the white back.
  3. Tape it over the white nail and press it gently to remove air bubbles.
  4. Finish off with a top coat.

[TUTORIAL] High Fashion Nail Design: Quilted Matte Chanel Nails


And that’s it for today’s nail polish look! How do you like your quilted Chanel nail design? Try it on your next nail design and let us know how it went by leaving comments below.

You can also watch the full video tutorial:

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