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25 Stunning Christmas Nail Designs You Should Wear This Season

Christmas nail designs will soon be taking us by storm. To help you get through the holidays looking pretty and glam, I’ve got you covered with 25 of the most elegant nail art I’ve found on Instagram. These are not your average Christmas nail art. Believe me! Get ready and be stunned.

Instagram Christmas Nail Designs You’ll Drool Over

Have you heard of the song 25 Days of Christmas? Well, you might be singing this tune if you find out I have 25 Christmas nail designs to sweep you off your feet. I’m not exaggerating about how gorgeous my latest collection of Instagram nail art is. It’s the truth, and I’m merely stating a fact.

I’ve been a nail artist for quite some time, and you might think I’ve seen them all. I thought so too until I’ve come across these designs. Truth be told, I was speechless looking at the collation. I know you’re dying to see them now!

So, here goes! Have fun drooling over these Christmas nail designs, and feel free to recreate all of them. I know I will.


1. Purple Snowflakes and Bling

This nail art defies the usual colors of Christmas nail designs yet it still screams holidays. The purple background makes the white snowflakes come alive. Add to that a 3D snowflakes effect complete with bling. Truly a thing of beauty!


2. Christmas Tree Ornaments

What is more, Christmas-sy that displaying tree ornaments on your nails? This design is another proof that veering away from the usual colors of the season doesn’t make it any less celebratory. I will definitely try this out!


3. Oh, Christmas Tree!

The color may not be the shade of green we usually associate with Christmas but this nail art is absolutely spot on! At first glance, you might not see that the prints on the nails are actually Christmas tree. If you take a second look, however, the design becomes more apparent.


4. Christmas Prints

The season is all about sweater weather, right? What better way to translate that than into a gorgeous Christmas nail designs like this? Check out the prints on the nails and you’ll see those familiar sweater patterns. Plus, there are snowflakes!


5. Snowflakes 2.0

Here’s a version of snowflakes design you don’t often see. Christmas nail designs like this is the perfect marriage of festivity and subtlety, which I absolutely LOVE! Try this taupe nail polish as the base for the two nails as shown above.


6. Christmas Sparkle

I know you’ll all agree that Christmas is also about sparkles. Well, if you’re too scared with too much glitz, here’s a Christmas nail designs idea for you. This white sparkle nail polish would look good in this nail art.


7. Christmas Wreath

Don’t limit yourself to having a wreath that’s all green, red and gold. Try this Christmas nail designs instead! The use of charms and studs make this nail art truly stunning!


8. Christmas Decors

Christmas is made more jovial by the decorations we see everywhere. If you can’t pick one to use as your main nail art design, why not put them all together? Add some bling to make them look merrier!


9. Mr. Snowman

Mr. Snowman is another iconic Christmas figure even in places where there’s no actual snow. He’s in songs, decors, cards and greetings. So, why not include him in your Christmas nail designs too? For this blue base nail polish, get it here.


10. Christmas Mixed Art

Do you honestly think black and blue are out when it comes to Christmas nail designs? Well, this nail art will definitely make you think again! Just check out how gorgeous each nail looks sporting a different design and color from the others.


11. Red and Gold

If you’re more of a traditional red and gold Christmas nail designs enthusiast, here’s an elegant design for you. Amp your French tip into this nail art. Add golden details like so. Voila! Perfection. Use this red nail polish for this.


12. Rustic Elegance

This nail art is simple yet sophisticated. Just check how all the colors come into play to create a stunning design. I am definitely wearing this one!


13. Pink and Stars

Hot pink nail polish for Christmas? Why not? There’s no denying this Christmas nail designs look exciting. The addition of stars in various colors give it the extra style factor for the holidays.


14. Santa’s Nail Design

I can vividly recall when I would always associate Christmas with Santa Claus. Raise your hand, lovelies, if you’ve had similar experience. Channel your childhood memory into a nail art using Santa Claus. The sparkly metallic base makes the design pop out.


15. Glitzy Silver and Pink

My bias for pink is actually coming out in this collection. Here’s another Christmas nail design in pink and silver that will make you want to recreate it ASAP! Its simplicity and class make this a standout.


16. Red Christmas Tree

Not all Christmas trees have to be green. It can also be red like this nail art. Add some confetti to the mix, and you’ll have celebratory nails!


17. Pink Nude Snowflakes

Yes, guilty of the pink bias and I’m not ashamed of it! This pink nude nail polish is to die for. The variety of snowflakes in the design makes it more tempting. Yes, I might be wearing this for half a month.


18. Candy Cane

Are you in for a sweet treat? Here’s a candy cane nail art that won’t make you look childish. The sophistication of this Christmas nail designs idea is beyond!


19. Studded Christmas Tree

There’s something so gorgeous about this Christmas nail design. Agree? The play of blue and white hues, as well as, the addition of studs is simply stunning! A great idea for your Christmas tree theme as well!


20. Pastel Christmas Nail Designs

Here’s a nail art for those who are in love with pastel colors. While the colors are not your usual Christmas hues, the designs on each nail scream holidays. Check out the gift, snowflakes, wreath, Christmas tree and how they all come together to create this breathe-taking pastel nail art.


21. Bold and Pastels

Are pastel colors to subtle for you? Throw a bold palette into the mix just like this nail art above. The inclusion of bold blue nail polish into the mix creates another layer of depth into the design.


22. Cuticle Snowflakes

Christmas nail designs like this truly depicts elegance. It’s stunning how gold, metallic and white nail polish can create a nail art that is too gorgeous to describe. Painting snowflakes near the cuticle is a rare find among nail designs.


23. Rose Pop

I know this rose colored Christmas nail designs idea is far from the usual nail art you sport during the holidays. But, hey! Just check out how striking your nails would like if you have this on. Try using this soft rose nail polish to recreate this design.


24. Blinged Snowflakes

Go all-out glamor with this blinged snowflakes design. I can envision Queen Elsa of Frozen donning this dazzling Christmas nail designs. Super love it!


25. Christmas Patterns

If you love blue yet would rather stay out of the bling or sparkle, here’s an elegant Christmas nail designs idea for you. Mix and match the Christmas patterns you commonly see to create an exceptional nail art. Paint them using white nail polish for maximum effect.


Do you still want more Christmas nail designs? Here’s a tutorial from SCS Nails to satisfy your yearning:

Imagine all the parties you’ll be gracing with these different Christmas nail designs? You’ll absolutely be the life of the party! Pair your gorgeous nails with an equally stunning outfit like this!


I know you’re raving about this post. However, I’m not done yet! Here are 11 holiday nail art designs you should not pass upon.


Which of these designs are you loving so much? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. You can also visit my Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook page for more amazing nail design ideas and inspiration.

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