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DIY Stiletto Nails | Get A Perfectly Sculpted Nail Shape

Ever wondered how those gorgeous stiletto nails get their perfect shape? Try them on yourself with this tutorial!

Try Getting Perfectly Sculpted Stiletto Nails At Home

I just love having long, elegant stiletto nails and I’m sure you do, too. They look so perfect for a date or a formal party.

Now, you don’t have to wonder how they’re sculpted and created using acrylic powder. It may need some special tools and materials, but I’m telling you after you’re done, you’ll fall head over heels in love with your stiletto nails!

Follow the steps below to create wonderful designs with your stiletto nails.

What you’ll need to sculpt perfectly shaped stiletto nails:

Step 1: Fit Nail Forms

When you’re working with acrylic, it’s important to prep your nails properly. Clean, buff and dehydrate your nails before applying the acrylic. This way, your natural nails won’t suffer.

After prepping, fit the form on the nail. You have to make sure it’s snug. You wouldn’t want it moving while you’re applying the acrylic.

DIY Stiletto Nails | Get A Perfectly Sculpted Nail Shape

Step 2: Level Nail

Once the nail forms are snugly fit, there will be a small gap on the edge of the nail. To level it with the nail form, put a bead of acrylic right on top of the edge and spread it using an acrylic brush dipped in adhesion liquid. Even out the bead around the edge of the nail all the way to the cuticle area on the sides.

DIY Stiletto Nails | Get A Perfectly Sculpted Nail Shape

Step 3: Time To Sculpt

Now it’s time to sculpt the entire nail. Natural beige was used in this tutorial. This color looks similar to the natural nail color, giving you a base to work with should you want to create intricate designs.

Start at the middle where you leveled out the acrylic bead earlier. Add another bead of the beige right on top of the nail and level that out as well. One more bead goes to the pointed end of the stiletto nail shape.

DIY Stiletto Nails | Get A Perfectly Sculpted Nail Shape

Step 4: Pinch It Good

After making sure the sides are nice and neat, let the acrylic set for a few moments. Once it’s ready, insert the pinching tool to further sculpt the pointed tip.

DIY Stiletto Nails | Get A Perfectly Sculpted Nail Shape

Step 5: Buff And Shape

Once the acrylic is completely dry, slowly remove the nail form by separating the tip and just sliding it off the nail. Start buffing the side walls of the acrylic nail, before moving on the cuticle area. Tilt the buffer at an angle following the curve of the nail. Finally, buff out the rest of the stiletto nail. When you’re satisfied with it, clean the nail up using lint free wipes.

DIY Stiletto Nails | Get A Perfectly Sculpted Nail Shape

Step 6: Seal And Protect

To keep your stiletto nails strong, apply a sealer gel and cure under a UV lamp for two minutes. Then apply cuticle oil to nourish the nails.

Watch the entire stiletto nails tutorial from Naio Nails below.

With this tutorial, you can create those wonderfully elegant designs on stiletto nails! Do you think you can try this out yourself? Perhaps you can try it with your friends. Let me know how it turns out in the comments section below

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