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Easter Nail Design | Easy 3D Chocolate Egg Tutorial

Still wondering what Easter nail design you’ll be doing for the holiday? Bunnies and eggs certainly look cute but why don’t you try out something delicious instead? Check out this easy 3D chocolate egg nail art for Easter!

Easy 3D Chocolate Egg Easter Nail Design

Both children and adults definitely enjoy Easter. Kids love the Easter egg hunts while adults – me included- enjoy digging our hands into those delectable chocolate eggs! I also look forward to creating makeup fit for the occasion as well as the cutest Easter nail design dedicated to the holiday.

This year, I thought I’d make things a bit more interesting and chocolate certainly interests me! Check out the tutorial for this 3D chocolate egg Easter nail design below.


What you’ll need for this 3D chocolate egg Easter nail design:


Step 1: Get On Base

No matter what design you’ll be trying next, you should establish a proper nail prep routine. This will help keep your natural nail beds protected and strong.

Apply a base coat of your choice. Though a peel-off base is used in this tutorial, you can definitely use a rubberized or strengthening one.

Easter Nail Design | Easy 3D Chocolate Egg Tutorial

Step 2: Color Me Chocolate

Of course you have to give your nails a base color reminiscent of a delectable chocolate egg. This is where the brown polish comes in. Apply the said shade on all your nails as the base for the 3D chocolate egg Easter nail design.

Easter Nail Design | Easy 3D Chocolate Egg Tutorial

Step 3: Wrap It In Foil

Now it’s time for the fun part – making your nail design look more realistic. Gather the chocolate foil wrapper you have. A Cadbury Creme Egg wrapper was used for this tutorial because the gold and blue colors contrast marvelously with the chocolate brown base.

Cut just the right size to fit your nails but make sure to leave about a third of the base visible. This will give your nail art look like a recently opened chocolate egg. For the foil to stick to your nails, add a matte top coat to your brown polish. Pat down the foil on the still wet top coat using a cuticle pusher.

Easter Nail Design | Easy 3D Chocolate Egg Tutorial

Step 4: Make It Glossy

The foil may look a bit crumpled after handling it, losing some of its luster. To make it shiny again, apply a normal glossy top coat. This will also create a wonderful contrast with the matte chocolate base.


And that’s it!


Watch the full video for this 3D chocolate egg Easter nail design from Simply Nailogical here.

Now wasn’t that something? I’m sure you’ll enjoy your 3D chocolate egg Easter nail design and so will your family and friends. You just have to watch out for some chocolate-obsessed people. They might try to take a bite out of your delicious-looking chocolate egg nails!

Share what people will say about your Easter nail design in the comments section below!

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*Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on March 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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