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33 Fun Easter Nail Designs You Should Check Out [With Pics]

Spring is just around the corner, and what more fun way to welcome it than cute Easter nails? If you’re up for some eggcellent and pretty Easter nail designs, you’ll love this post—I have wonderful nail ideas and manicure tutorials lined up for you!

Pastel shades, glitter nail polish, stamped nails, Easter bunny art, egg paints, 3D nail art design, studs, and chocolate nails—I’ve got you covered. All you need are nail art equipment, some patience (or more), and the enthusiasm for spring and Easter.

Here we go.

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Breathe Life to Your Nails with Cute Easter Nail Designs

1. Easter Bunnies

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This simple Easter bunny and carrots mani had us crushing BIG time! Don’t leave the Easter bunny lonely—give it some company by painting carrots around it using a small brush.

2. Peek-a-Boo Bunny


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Get ready to cue the awws with this adorable peek-a-boo bunny nail design! The white hearts may not be your regular Easter nail design staple but they give the concept a sweet touch, so, I say, keep ’em!

3. Happy Easter Nails Mix Up


There almost no rules in making this spider gel splatter nail art. It may look daunting and messy to make but I’m sure you’d be happy you tried it once you finish.

4. Enchanting Easter Mini Egg Nail Design

Nailed it! Turn your nails into a hunting bed with little Easter eggs in the design. It’s so cute, you’ll probably keep this nail art in rotation all year long!

5. Rainbow Pastel Colors Nail Art


Your Easter manicure must have these two things: rainbows and pastel colors. That is if you’re not into the whole bunnies and egg design.

6. Glittery Easter Bunny Nails


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This glittery and adorable bunny rabbit nail design has the right amount of sparkle and class. It’s a perfect match for your outfit for a night out with your girlfriends or a date with your S.O.

7. Sleepy Bunny Nail Art

This pride-themed sleepy bunny is a magical nail art idea for Easter. Glitter polish and colorful embellishments will sure turn your babies perky and proud.

8. Fried Egg Nail Art


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Hunting for Easter eggs? This nail art has cracked them already.

If you’re upset, come after it and give it a shot. See what I did there?

9. French Tips on the Side


Even on special occasions like Easter, some prefer simple and classic nail designs. But you can still get your way even while deviating from the norm.

All you need are two complementing pastel colors and this idea to paint your French tips on your nail edges.

10. Paint Splatter Nail Art for Easter


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Want to take things easy on your holiday break? Sure, why not?

This paint splatter on short nails is just in time for your Easter get-together.

11. Fuzzy Bunny Easter Nail Art

Take your bunny nail art to the next level by adding a fuzzy look to your bunnies. To do this, you need flocking powder added to your mani supplies.

12. Glam Gel Easter Nails


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The freedom to choose and create your own design is the very charm of nail art. This Easter, try one glam design on each nail to express the different sides of you.

13. Bunnies and Chicks Nail Art


What’s cuter than bunnies and colorful eggs this Easter? Why chicks, of course!

Eggs don’t have to stay eggs forever. When they get the chance, they turn into adorable baby chickens.

14. Easy Easter-themed Nail Design

Can’t decide which element of Easter you want to put on your nails? Try them all! You can include a cute pair of bunny ears, some carrots, and sunny-side-up eggs!

15. Easter-Inspired DIY Nails


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If you’re not into the whole intricate Easter nail designs for each nail, you can try these very simple DIY nails. You just need regular and glitter nail polish, a dotting tool, and a small brush.

16. Carrot Polka Dots Easter Nail Art

Carrot Polka Dots Easter Nail Art | Fun Easter Nails and Designs You Should Check Out

Polka dots aren’t just for retro designs. They’re also great for Easter, especially if they’re painted on carrot-colored nails.

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17. 3D Cadbury Chocolate Eggs Tutorial

The best thing about Easter? Definitely the chocolates! Both kids and adults would love to go hunt for eggs, especially if they’re filled with a delicious treat.

18. Metallic Gold-Speckled Easter Egg Nail Design


The pretty and minimalist concept of this nail art looks so classy and high-end, thanks to the gold accent. Nevertheless, the scratched-off design on the white base is already perfect for a pretty Easter nail art.

19. Robin’s Eggs Nail Art


This Easter egg nail art is easy to do. You just need some matte black and base polish.

You can use a dotting tool for the pattern, or you can carefully splatter black nail polish using a brush.

20. Easy Easter Nails in Pastel


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Pastels are a huge hit during Easter—almost everyone in the salons want them. Give yours the X-factor by drawing geometric shapes on them and painting them using glitter or gel polish.

21. Stamped Nail Art for Easter

Admittedly, not all of us are gifted with painting and drawing skills. Cue in stamped nail art available both online and in dollar stores to give you outstanding nails fast and easy.

And, you know the drill for Easter nails and spring—eggs, bunnies, and flowers galore!

22. Double French Tip Nail Art


I love the sophisticated feel of this little French home-themed mani. It’s simple and just perfect for the classy lady this Easter.

23. Wine-Colored Easter Nails


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This Easter nail art is a toast to the festive holiday. But it features four designs, including an Easter egg. So, maybe it’s a toast times four?

24. Pastel Ombre Nails

Work on a white background nail polish to bring out the subtle contrast of ombre nail polish. If it’s your first time to do an ombre nail, this step-by-step ombre nail tutorial will guide you.

You can stop at the simple pastel ombre nail polish or you can go a step further with the ombre chevron design.

25. Spring Green Easter Manicure


Not up for painting eggs? That’s fine.

How about trying the color of grass and using a nail art sticker, or simply painting, and a rhinestone? Sounds interesting, right?

26. Rainbow Color Block

Reminiscent of the pastel rainbow designs we usually paint on Easter eggs, this design is the perfect glitter-filled bold nail art for the holiday.

Make this nail art a bit more modern by turning it into a color block design. This may require more effort but it’s worth trying out, especially if you love colors.

27. Pink and Yellow Easter Nail Art


When I saw this ombre pink-yellow nail design, I almost did them right away. But I had to keep looking for more Easter nails for you, guys, so I’m holding it in till later.

This one’s a definite must-try for me.

28. Mustard Spring Nail Art


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Even with beginners’ drawing skills, you can pull this different take on spring nail art, no sweat. All you need are mustard and grey nail polish and a dotting tool.

29. Sweet Easter Bling Nail Design

Feeling in the mood for sparkles on Easter? Bling it on with gold studs! Dress up your nails marble with baby pink gel nail polish to complement your bling.

30. Color Outbreak Easter Nail Art Design


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Easter nails aren’t just about pale shades and sweet things. You can paint your nails hot pink and bright yellow and stick on fun stickers at the tips for some comic relief.

31. Orange Yolk


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They say orange yolks are healthier than yellow ones. I say they’re spunkier, especially as Easter nails.

Try painting them in gradient if you find them blinding.

32. Geometric Metallic Nail Design for Easter


Mauve and wine are the color trends for this spring, and geometric shapes are always an option-maybe, not for those who hate math.

Anyhow, I think I found the nail art for my Easter dinner party.

33. Pointy Nails for Easter


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Pointy and 3D nails are THE Easter nails for the edgy. If you’re one to enjoy turning heads your way, this is the one for you—friends and family are sure going to ask about them.

There you have it, nail art junkies! Easy, fun, and cute nail designs to welcome the spring season and Easter holiday with good cheers.

When you’re done painting those Easter nails, it’s time to pick your Easter OOTD. I hope you get them matching in theme, so you have a fab one!

Which one will you try this year? Let me know in the comments section below!


Did these 33 Easter nail designs give you ideas on what to do for your nails this year? Always have some design handy for any holiday. Check this list out next!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on August 16, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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