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17 Cute French Nail Designs To Celebrate Bastille Day

What better way to celebrate Bastille Day, a French holiday, than showing off super cute French nail designs? Check out these awesome variations of the classic nail art!

Bastille Day: 17 Cute French Nail Designs To Try

Whether you have French blood running in your veins or not, you can still celebrate the national holiday with these very cute French nail designs! You don’t even have to stick to the classic white on the tip. You’ll surely enjoy these amazing variations to the famous look.

17 Cute French Nail Designs To Celebrate Bastille Day

1. Asymmetrical French Tips

This look, which became quite famous during the 2016 Spring New York Fashion Week, incorporated the French nail designs with the V-nail art to create an awesome asymmetrical look! The nail artist added crystals to the nails for a more glamorous look.

2. Blue And Orange French Tip On Oval Nails

This one looks more like the classic French tips. However, the nail designer opted to go for blue and orange shades instead of the usual white.

3. Curved French Tip With Pearls On Square Nails

This French nail design pimped up the classic white tip with pearls to make it pop. The glossy polish makes the nails look simple yet elegant.

17 Cute French Nail Designs To Celebrate Bastille Day

4. Bronze Twist

One gorgeous look uses bronze on the tips instead of acrylic white for an eye-catching twist. The finish is simple, elegant and pretty.

5. Classic French Tip With Crystals

This nail artist used the classic square cut French tip. However, the little crystals on the white polish gave it a daintier look!

Here’s another cute French nail design with crystals.

6. Black Tipped French Nail Designs

This French nail art look became a bit edgy by using black tips instead of white. Black French tips have become a popular trend today.

7. White And Pale Pick Curved Tip

French nail designs don’t need to be one color either. The nail artist has placed white and a pale pink shade side by side on a curved tip to give it a more interesting look.

17 Cute French Nail Designs To Celebrate Bastille Day

8. Heart Tips

Take your love for Bastille Day another step higher with this lovely heart French nail designs! It will give your nails a more glamorous yet simple look.

9. 3D Crystal on Two-Tone French Tips

If you’re more into the bling nail arts, then this decked out 3D French tip from Eriko Kurosaki is perfect for you! It looks elegant and girly.

17 Cute French Nail Designs To Celebrate Bastille Day

10. Blue Tips On Glossy Nails

What happens if blue tips, glossy nails, and crystals are put together? Why this Magnifique French nail design comes out of course!

Here’s another blue inspired French nail art.

11. Bat Nails French Nail Designs

If you’re more into comic books and other geeky stuff, then these Bat nails are just the thing for you! It’s cute and fierce at the same time. There are many ways to do nail art design like this one, the important thing is to learn from various nail design tutorials on the internet.

17 Cute French Nail Designs To Celebrate Bastille Day

12. Lace French Nail Designs

Lace and French nail designs are always a good mix for the ultimate celebration of love – a wedding. Since France is noted to be a country of love, then this lacy twist to the classic French tip would be idyllic.

13. Glittered French Nail Designs

Of course, glitters always have a space in the hearts of every nail art lover. Glitters, crystals and of course, unicorns are perfect combinations!

17 Cute French Nail Designs To Celebrate Bastille Day

14. Lines And Crystals

Another common prop for the nail art enthusiast is crystals. Partner it with lines and you have a classy twist to the popular look!

15. French Tips And Bows

If you think using a plain color on the variation of your French tip, then why not add a pretty bow?

16. French Angled Tips

This angled tip added twist to the traditional French tip is also just as brilliant! The glitters added to the cute angled tip.

17 Cute French Nail Designs To Celebrate Bastille Day

17. Hand-Painted French Nail Design And Roses

Here’s one more amazing twist on the classic French nail designs. It’s hand-painted with roses which make the French tip look more dazzling and classy.

Watch this video to find out more ways to create beautiful french nail designs by Meliney:

Don’t you just find French nail designs mesmerizing? French tips are simple yet add an overall elegant look on your nails. Tell me what you think in the comments section below!

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