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Halloween Nails Tutorial | Tim Burton Inspired

Who says Halloween nails need to be dark and creepy? Try this Tim Burton-inspired design and make your friends gush over your manicure this Halloween!

Easy Tim Burton Inspired Halloween Nails

I love it when Autumn comes! Aside from the rich colors around me, I also get a lot of chances to experiment on my nails. I can try out chic Autumn nails or even pumpkin spice latte inspired nail art! However, nothing makes my creative juices ooze out than spooky Halloween nails! Excited to dress up your nails for the occasion? Let me teach you this super easy but chic nail art!

What you’ll need to make this super easy and chic Halloween nails:

Step 1: Jack’s Eyes

Jack’s Eyes | Halloween Nails Tutorial | Tim Burton Inspired

Jack Skellington has become as iconic as The Grinch when it comes to creepy monsters that ruin the most fun holiday of the year. It’s only natural to channel Jack this Halloween.

After cleaning and applying a layer of base coat on your nails, paint them white as the base of your nail art. Using your normal brush dipped in black polish, create two huge circles near the cuticle of your ring finger. This will serve as Jack’s eyes.

Step 2: Jack’s Nose

Jack’s Nose | Halloween Nails Tutorial | Tim Burton Inspired

Seeing as Tim Burton‘s Jack is more or less a skeleton, he doesn’t have much of a nose. Nevertheless, use a striper to create two small holes below the eyes.

Step 3: Jack’s Mouth

Jack’s Mouth | Halloween Nails Tutorial | Tim Burton Inspired

Draw a long curved line from one side of your nail to the other. Then add stripes perpendicular to the curved line to represent the stitches on Jack’s mouth.

Step 4: Lock-In Design With Top Coat

Lock In Design With Top Coat | Halloween Nails Tutorial | Tim Burton Inspired

Let your design dry before applying a fast-drying top coat. This will help lock in the design and protect your manicure from chipping.

Step 5: Add Black Splatters

Add Black Splatters | Halloween Nails Tutorial | Tim Burton Inspired

As for the rest of your nails, you can draw a black line on them to represent Jack’s clothes. You can make various designs on your nails to create a variety of designs or just use a glittery black nail polish. However, I prefer putting black splatters to add to the overall spooky design.

Now apply a fast-drying top coat and you’re done with your super easy but chic Halloween nails that will match any make-up!

Finished Design


Watch the full tutorial through this video:

Wasn’t that easy and fun? Now you can enjoy your The Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired Halloween nails! You can definitely pair this up with a costume of the same theme for parties or you can just wear a black dress to go with this cool manicure!

Tim Burton Halloween nails aren’t the only shapes you can do. Check out this tutorial for more nail ideas this season!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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